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  1. Yes these two are B range.
  2. Spotted these two in Wales the other week, there are a lot more in the impact area including ferrets and a good scattering of 432s.
  3. Welcome, any pics do love a wmik
  4. I believe it is an off position which cuts all power to any lights, have only seen one fitted and can't remember exactly, this would make sense as it would bring it in line with other lighting switches on some vehicles.
  5. One less crapaud to worry about :whistle:
  6. That's because every French farmer liberated some soon after they themselves were liberated.
  7. I have looked through my system and can't match that number to anything.
  8. I have them listed on my edition. Nsn is the same as the standard veh alternator: bolt machine nsn 5306-99-573-6491 civi prt no YLD100080 I will check tomoro to confirm they are both the same.
  9. Robin, you need to clear some space in your inbox mate.
  10. I know the modern ones have 3 pins but only 2 are used, as for the older ones I can't remember but I will check tomorrow if I get a chance.
  11. BVs in land rovers still happen, I have made a few conversions for them, easiest way for the Wolf fleet (being 24v and fitted with a slave socket) is to get a condemned slavelead, strip down the head and cut one end of the bv cable off and re-wire to the head ( remembering the cable is different each end). This has worked fine for me, also typing this I now remember a full lighting kit for the rear of my fitter truck and even work lights have been made this way.
  12. Cheers guys, now is this of use to anyone?
  13. This just took out two tyres on our wrecker, can anyone identify it?
  14. Ok I am sure I'm not the only one to notice a familiar looking object formed on the right hand side with three locks and a button stick.
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