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Best War Film Ever


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Great idea !....:laugh:

...of 'old films'?.....

my list ( and this is regardless of how well made they actually were because I'll forgive such things as ; rubbish special effects (Dambusters),

plastic doorbells (B of B),

US airmen wearing chinos and loafers and riding 'German' Triumphs(Great Escape )

etc etc:D.....hahahah!

..........my list would include..

The Great Escape , The Dambusters , The Battle of Britain , and a good few others :)


of 'new' films....

......We were Soldiers, SPR , Platoon , Hamburger Hill , Full Metal Jacket ,Behind Enemy Lines

that'll do for now I reckons but there are many more for each list.....:D......

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The longest day is definately a yes.... I really miss the movies were all countries involved are shown instead of the mindless incorrect over patriotic driibble now


An odd angry shot.... aussie vietnam flick so highly irreverant but the infantry minor tacics shown are spot on


the light horseman..... another aussie flick, can pick the lower budget but an inspiring story


Sergeant York......... odd they havent remade this film as is patriotic yet true


just thinking now about new stuff but apart from great special effects, most of them have no story

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I'd have to go with Das Boot as well, though it has to be the original version which probably counts more as a series.


Otherwise I love Kelly's Heroes, and I consistently wonder why "dog impression" is not covered on the H license test.


I've also been trying to find a film for ages that I saw back at college. It was filmed blair witch style (yeah I know, but not that bad) set in the Korean war with a US correspondant film crew getting lost and working their way back to friendly lines, all told through the cameraman's lense. If anyone can identify it I'd very grateful (It's not Full Metal Jacket).


Of course they all get trumped by Tank Girl, but that's not really a war film :)

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For its time the Longest Day is still good.


Kokoda : 39th Battalion Aussie troops in New Guinea . Brutal stuff.


Horse Soldiers . John Wayne


Kellys Heroes . Probably first time an effort was made to make tanks look German ( I will forgive the 1/2 tracks).


Dunkirk. John Mills very British


Hill in Korea. Great film, spot the actors who went on to be stars .


Sand Pebbles. Love the ending Steve McQueen with a BAR

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another awesome one that is very little known is a Korean film called (I think) 'Brotherhood of war'..

.....very graphic but honest film if you can find it .......thee's quite a lot of it on Youtube chopped into 10 minute sections


I've seen that film too, was very impressed by it.

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I've just noticed that nobody has mentionned Zulu. That has to be up there.


There as twice as many Zulu's in the wide screen version.


Got to say I really like Kelly's Heroes, if its on have to watch it.


Saving Private Ryan, excellent sitting on the sofa with surround sound turned up, shells whizzing over head, sofa vibrating as the "Tiger" comes up the street.

Explosions sounding as if they are coming from next door. Ah could be the niieghbours banging on the wall.


Apocolypse Now Again improved by surround sound. Hueys flying round your living room.


We Were Soldiers another one I really like.



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Heres one a lot of you will not have heard of. An Australian film called Breaker Morant. Based on a the story of Bushveldt Carbiniers in the first South African War. stars Edward Woodward. I was lent it by a friend, absolutley brilliant!


rule 303!


very interesting history behind that guy. Many believe he was a bastard son of some nobility that was well looked after and then was sent off to Australia to hide him after the secret got out.


Been calls to exonerate him at times as the court was rigged in many ways

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