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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a British ww2 tent but I'm not entirely sure what type it is. I know its not a 160 lb tent as they have 3 upright poles. I'm after one with 2 upright poles and a single ridge pole. Can anyone help me to identify which one I need or point me in the direction of one please ? Cheers. Skelly.
  2. I will endeavour to get photos over the next week or so. The truck belongs to a mate of mine so bear with me ok. Cheers. Skelly.
  3. Heyup Chaps, Interesting stuff. I believe the truck has a rotary pump as opposed to the inline type, does this make any sense ? Also I reckon the brakes are slightly weird, it has a hydrovac unit and air over hydraulic too.. Surely it should employ one or the other ?? Any ideas ? Skel
  4. Yep I'll keep you posted. I will also be able to weld up damaged / oval mounting holes and re-machine them. Give me a month or so as I have my jeep gearbox and a motorcycle to rebuild. Cheers. Skelly.
  5. Hi Phil. I have thought of this and have collected some bits together to make a straightening jig. I'm hoping to get it built sometime this year. Cheers. Skelly.
  6. Hello all. I'm after a bit of advice if possible. A mate of mine has got a ww2 GMC CCKW deuce & half truck with a Bedford 330 turbo diesel engine in it. It runs ok but is very smokey on startup and we were wondering what we could do with regards to getting the injectors or DPA cleaned/tested ? Any ideas anyone ? Cheers. Skelly.
  7. There are plenty of cranks around. You can use cj cranks also. Just be carefull that it hasn't been ground too much, personally I wouldn't bother with one if it is ground past .040'' on the journals and pins. Also try and make sure that you get a flywheel with your crank as some are fitted with 2 tapered dowels to the rear crank flange and some are reamed through parallel so just use caution. If you get stuck give me a shout. Skell.
  8. Hi all. I think I'm posting this in the right place.. hopefully. Anyhow I was lucky enough to take my jeep across the channel to Normandy this June with a splendid bunch of guys called Ranger Reanactments. One of the chaps, 'Jamie' Made this short film that kinda captures the spirit of the trip, hope you all like it. There will be a longer film out soon with more content and some veterans interviews too which I cant wait to see. Jamie 'Spielburg' is working on it.. Skelly.. PS if you see this exact text on another ww2 forum, its just me copy n pasting n being lazy..
  9. Hi yes, porting is no problem as long as you remember to stick to a few rules and ratios. Cutting the valve seat back in a side valve engine is not so good for flow though. Don 74.7 mph ? blimey thats impressive, was that with std tyre sizes ? overdrive ? I dont have a rev counter on my jeep so not sure what revs it is pulling at say 55 mph. I think just ballance everything nicely and a gear driven cam sounds like the most sensible option. carbs and head can be changed anytime as time/cash allows . I'l post results as I get them. Cheers. Skel.
  10. Hi everyone. Very soon I will be starting the rebuild of my 1943 gpw engine and wondered if any of you have had any success with mild tuning of this unit ? What I am planning is this... GPW block, I may use a spare CJ block but for now the plan is to use the proper one. Hurricane crankshaft, polished and balanced with the flywheel. Hurricane rods, shot peened and balanced unless anyone knows of any better rods that are available ? +.030 pistons, std jeep ones, balanced set, I'm not too keen on the split skirt design, any suggestions on what else I can use ? Gear driven CJ camshaft, I wi
  11. If this results in success, that Cundall bloke would have done pretty good for a privateer...
  12. So.. Whats the score with these ? Surely someone here should know. I'm getting bored with my daily google search ' buried spitfires last 24 hours'.. Surely someone must have a photo ? Apparently they put a camera down a hole ? Any ideas ? Skel..
  13. Yeah that was one of their ads. Best give em a call as not all the jeeps are advertised online. There may be some more arriving soon also, they do tend to get snapped up though.. Skel..
  14. You may get a result if you speak to Ant or Mike at AMD four wheel drive in Merrylees. 01530230023. Tell em Skelly sent ya..
  15. Cool as.. ''If you can fly a spowith camel you can fly anything'' Quality..
  16. I almost forgot Biggles adventures in time.. Its a good watch with an ok ish soundtrack. The aircraft are not entirely accurate but I think its cool.. Heres a little taster if you have not seen it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INP3Wfxww7M Skel..
  17. Well my surname is Skelson.. Everyone calls me skelly tho.. I once had an indoor cricket team called Skellys heroes.. We were crap..
  18. Hi all. I have been a bit quiet as I have been busy on my jeep, however I have hit a bit of a snag. I have removed my LH front half shaft and bendix type CV joint in order to do some work on my front diff. Now when I pulled the shaft, the CV joint felt horribly tight and graunchy so I stripped and cleaned it and measured the balls and re assembled it, it still felt horrible as if the balls were oversize. All 4 balls measure .875 inch which I think is a std size and the 2 halves of the CV joint look pretty normal but its difficult to take any meaningful measurements but nothing looks weird
  19. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone knows which oil filter will fit a gpw ? I know I can get one from a jeep supplier, I just wondered if maybe something else will fit ? Cheers. Skel.
  20. What an interesting thread this is. My personal opinion is that the photo is in bad taste. I think that parading and showing historic military vehicles is hugely interesting and generates a great deal of public interest in 'our' hobby. When I get my jeep on the road I will drive it with pride, knowing that I have used my mechanical skills to return it to good useable condition and I would like to think that it would go some way to stimulating peoples thoughts on the past. When I wear my B3 or irvin jackets I am always aware that I am wearing a piece of history and always answer peoples que
  21. The engines are as rare as hens teeth however when I went to work for a aero engine and ferrari guy in Essex in 1999, there sat in my engine build area a complete Napier Sabre H24 along with the usual merlins and bits of Ferraris. I wonder where it is now ? Skelly.
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