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    I dont get the new forum either the old site was much more user friendly.
  2. Huge areas roped off with very little in them ensuring others had no place to camp..Not very easy to find a space if driving around in the .mud.
  3. In my observations in the "living History Field" some of it was not living history at all . It was more of a convenient place to camp near the center of the site, a vehicle and a caravan with a cam net chucked over it or a couple of bivvy tents with a few bits scattered on the floor is not living history.
  4. I have brought a couple of vehicles from Holland no problem . To save time I notified NOVA with the relevant info prior to bringing the vehicle in . If the vehicle is registered in Holland it will need a white export plate this should be completed by the owner of the vehicle this demonstrates to the Dutch authorities that it is leaving the country. Dutch customs may want to see it . As you are putting the vehicle on a low loader road insurance will not be an issue. My experience was with post was vehicles not war time, but I cannot see why it has to be different .
  5. I really hope they give the entertainment a sort out its the same old stuff every year.
  6. The weapon sleeve comes in pairs and was used to cover a SLR/GPMG to attach to the bergan via carrying straps PEP ( personnel equipment parachutists ) this assemble was then attached to the parachute harness under the reserve chute . It was released when the chute was deployed and lowered on 15ft of rope.
  7. Before you order anything go on the G503.Com Forum and search the company name
  8. Replica "Little Nel" (VAD275) appeared in the same article and issue #14. This seems to have started in the Worcestershire area and then moved to Jersey (becoming J832 and then J8797). The chassis wasn't shortened. Bob James from Evesham built Little Nell and I am sure it ended up in Holland . It was over 30 years ago so may have had another restoration since then . We heard it had been given a certificate of authenticity by who we have no idea. Sadly Bob passed away this year but I do know he had several photos of it. Looking forward to the next CMV to see what it has to sa
  9. How many Willys Nuffields were made ? Is is possible that one survived ? I thought they were just a prototype that never went into production . The late Bob James built a replica one in the eighty's I have pictures of it somewhere . I think it was sold to the channel Islands and ended up in Holland . I recall seeing another in the Windscreen recently .
  10. I do not think Kimmeridge was evacuated during WW2 if it was the home owners were allowed to return , it is a functioning village today , there are certainly some beach defenses still there although the sea and weather is taking its toll. Tyneham Village certainly was evacuated and is now open to the public apart from when the MOD are firing . The church is still there and the restored school house the rest is in ruins , great place to visit.
  11. I recently brought a vehicle back from Holland it had to be de-registered and issued with a white export plate ,to show that the vehicle was leaving the country . Vehicle was delivered to port I insured the vehicle on the VIN number with HIC no problem to drive from point of entry to home . Then I contacted Notification of vehicle arrival (NOVA) to obtain a exempt from VAT ref number. I tried to do this on line and as with a lot of these government web sites it did not work I got to the submit page to only get a system error . Trying to phone them was difficult I asked for a good old ha
  12. From the picture and taking the climate into consideration the tin work looks far from sound . It looks like it has a very hard life , I agree with other post better to find something here or imported from the States. Even if the Jeep was priced at nothing I can imagine the bureaucracy and shipping costs would far out strip its worth . I wonder what the state of the back seat is ,usually they are long gone .
  13. We were not allowed to use berets on exercise , so wore the crap hat ,however I slashed the peak and removed the materiel in the peak so it was less likely to blow off and you could screw it up and stuff it in your pocket. They were ok .
  14. wattie

    Bob James

    Bobs Funeral will take place on March 16th at 1200 St Peter, Bengeworth Church : Port Street, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 3NB Afterwards at Bengeworth Club, 18 Coronation St, Evesham. WR11 3DA. Dress olive drab or bright shirts.
  15. What annoys me is sensationalism and miss reporting (nothing new there) .Also the the police are guilty of not being truth full of the facts , whilst I suspect some of the weapons were maybe illegal the rest were not . So what happened to transparency and honesty in the reporting of alleged crimes . The report by the police officer was loaded with inaccuracies to frighten the public and to try to discredit legal firearm and deacc owners . When I was young I was always told to trust a policeman and in the main I still do , but this incident does not help.
  16. wattie

    Bob James

    I am sad to report the death of Bob James of Evesham , Bob was the driving force behind Ashdown camp and hosted Wartime in the vale . I have no details of funeral arrangements at this time John Watt
  17. Yes I saw this report http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/12164797/Parish-council-chairman-had-Britains-biggest-arsenal-of-illegal-weapons.html The officer is holding a primed to go 66mm Law rocket ( upside down) I suspect its a deac. No evidence in the pictures of live ammunition only a box of spent cases with clearly a dummy grenade for dramatic effect. Railway sleepers in garden probably for a range , if that's the case would not Sherlock Holmes have found a lot of lead in the range and must have made a lot of noise firing that lot. If as I suspect the majority of these wea
  18. I saw this for the first time this week ,what a great film , there was original footage slotted in but the film sequences were superb in one scene they rolled a Sherman all sorts of soft skin vehicles as well as plenty of Sherman's. A very underrated film .
  19. If you go on you tube and enter Lionheart 84 there are a series of films about the exercise gives a good idea of the scale of the exercise and equipment used and worn at that time. We were not supposed to take cameras and take pictures for security reasons, before the days of mobile phones with cameras.
  20. Cool, you were allowed to bring your own kit to the TA, also i thought the compass would have been a stanley prismatic compass rather than a silvia? The prismatic compass was available from the stores but was bulky and expensive ,the silva compass was cheap and easy to use and did the job we wanted it for for. The weapons we had were the 9mm Browning, GPMG, 9mm Stirling and the good old SLR. Also fired the Carl Gustav, 66mm Law rocket, and 81mm Morter but not very often . Also had access to M16 , Kalashnikov and Simonov Rifle.
  21. I used to carry a tin of lighter fuel (to get the hexi going ) , curry powder and a box of fruit gums .A small torch, silva compass plastic bag to protect maps We ditched the 58 pattern water bottles in favor of 44 pattern metal bottle and a metal cup for brews . Water tasted horrible out of a plastic bottle more so in the unlikely event of warm weather. Used a civi waterproof as the issue ones were useless not waterproof at all. I purchased a HH fleece very expensive but I still wear it today nearly 40 years old. Gloves were woolen never saw NI gloves in the TA . As for KFS I only carried
  22. Thanks for the up date. I hoped it deserved a better fate than the scrap man . I think the engine was still in it might have been a multi bank, it looks very complete . Is the intention to get it running again ?
  23. Does any one know what happened to this pink Sherman
  24. Next question what happened to this Sherman in a children's play park in Holland in the early 80's, I recall a midget submarine also on the same site, probably German. I cannot remember where this picture was taken. What great things to play on can you imagine this in a play park today.
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