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  1. I agree with Ron it is similar to the Watsonian VG21 Chassis I used for my outfit. 1960s era.
  2. Graham


    Ron, a bit off topic but will you be at Netley on Friday? I your usual place at the top of the field? Thanks.
  3. Ron I see a member of the 'Ring Piece Club' is selling a bike on eBay. Nice looking bike.
  4. I am not trying to cause trouble but one option would be to dress up the 'civilian' version to replicate a WW2 bike to sample the 'delights' of a small 1940's 2-stroke? As already pointed out by wdbikemad original bikes and parts are getting expensive and well out of the range of us folk who can't afford the real thing but who like riding old bikes. Another issue is that if I was riding a valuable bike I would be reluctant to use it casually as an every day bike for shopping/fun as I do my replica side car outfit. The big problem, of course, are the crooks who sell replica bikes as genuine bikes. For example BSA Goldstars!
  5. On eBay at the moment original Instruction Books and Parts Books for 1940s Royal Enfields.
  6. Brilliant. What like about forums is that a topic like this can bring up other related topics.
  7. My contribution to the 'Ring Piece Club'.
  8. There should be a badge for the 'Ring Piece Club', not sure where I would wear it though! As you are the founding member I will collect my badge form you at next year's Netley. All this is making me want to get on the bike and have a ride up here in sunny Lancashire. Cheers.
  9. Awwww Ron, and I was so looking forward to making one! Mind you everthing else is made up on my outfit I still dress it up with one to keep the myth going.
  10. Thank you. That is a great help. It seems that the 'broad arrow' comes in a variety of shapes so I should be able to make a stencil form these examples.
  11. Thanks Ron. I have seen a circle of canvas around the filler cap on a BSA M with a stencilled broad arrow and date I fancy copying. I assume it was catch drips and protect the tank when filling?
  12. Hi. What I thought was a simple search on Google for an example of the WD stencil for marking my WW2 bike. But I couldn't find one, does anyone have a printed example I can make a stencil from please?
  13. Thank you Chris. I feel another motorcycle build coming on to suit these tyres.
  14. Who produces those tyres, please? They look similar to the ones fitted to WW2 bikes. My WW2 sidecar creation doesn't need them now but I was looking for similar tyres when it was a solo.
  15. I read on the poster that Friday 6th July has 'minimal entertainment content', what does this mean? I assume all exhibits, stalls, etc will in place but nothing much going on in the arena?
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