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  1. Just been put on Youtube. Intresting film of the machine tools and techiniques used.
  2. After reading the posts of Dunkirk on the forum, Pegasus Bridge the Movie is due for release soon, will be interesting to see what that one will be like http://pegasusbridgethemovie.com/
  3. Old book I found in my closet that I bought years ago...... A few nice pictures
  4. May I draw chums attention to a review of Tankfest. On page 61; 'It's hard to believe the tiny Matilda I (should be 1) saw service in the Dunkirk campaign in 1940' This A11 Matilda did NOT see any service in the Dunkirk campaign. BTW it is hard to see the withdrawal to the port of Dunkirk as a 'campaign'. Back to the tank, as far as I know no tanks or armour of any kind was embarked on ships during the evacuation. So yet again incorrect info in this magazine.
  5. This evening at the West Wilts MVT meeting Chris Orchard brought in the latest edition of his book, British Forces Motor Cycles that he had just received today from his publisher. This third edition has a lot more information in the frame and engine number tables, and a very interesting chapter 'Motorcycles with provenance' which includes a list dated 2nd June 1944 of motorcycles for embarkation for Provost duties, this list contains census numbers, names of riders and the unit that they were attached to! if you are lucky enough to own one of the bikes listed then you can't get better proof than this. The list was provided by the RMP museum, who have since not been able to find it. Chris Orchard has been invited to give a presentation in the authors tent at the War and Peace Revival, he will be there on the Thursday and Friday to answer questions and sign copies of his new book.
  6. Rhino ferry heading for Utah beach.......
  7. I received the latest issue of Classic Military Vehicles in the post today, and what a difference!! As soon as I opened the magazine I could see how much it has changed, well written, varied content and above all interesting. The only thing similar to issue 188 is the front cover. Well done John, I hope that you can keep up the great work.
  8. Found this on Youtube, some interesting shots of ground equipment and vehicles to.
  9. Well what do we all think of the latest issue....... Front cover 'The First Tank Battles', really this about tanks supporting an infantry operation not battle between tanks which is what the words suggest. Page 8 'Military Historian Dies' a obituary for Lt Col (Rtd) George Forty, seems it has been lifted with a few words different from the Times. It has a photo of six men in Russian uniforms, I know which one his him but the obit borders on disrespectful. Also did he command an Armoured Division in Aden, surly a smaller unit? Page 29 A Centurion ARV is captioned Chieftain AVR. Pages 40 & 41 The word 'posing' is used three times, poor writing. Now I have not read every word, can we add to the above?
  10. I have to start by saying that I am beginning to become concerned about my state of mind. Having been vaguely considering a british truck project I now find myself the owner of a copy of this months Vintage Roadscene mag. I was in the newsagents about to pick up a copy of CMV when I was drawn instead to a copy of Vintage Roadscene. What is worse is that I'm finding it a good read and I'm wondering where my usual lust for armoured metal monster has gone....... but I digress, the reason for posting is that there are several interesting articles of a military vehicle nature I this months mag. Is an eight page spread with lots of good pics of WW11 and postwar trucks on trial (vehicle and driver training) a fourth instalment on up-cycled british military trucks/lorries while not strictly military an article on Land Rover fire engines a second part of an article on the ST4 Snow Cat - again while not about military service and interesting article nonetheless which might appeal to those who have an interest in the military variety. Hopefully some other forum members might find the info useful. I'm off to see if I can regain my armoured vehicle mojo back :nut:
  11. I was really looking forward to the programme on Thursday 15 September, BBC4 'Tank Men' it was just a plain awful.... The only redeeming part was that of the contribution by The Tank Museum, David Willey and Sarah Lambert. What were the tank commanders, Private soldiers, Lance Corporals or Officers ? Basil Henriques (C22) had 1970's lance jack stripes and Macpherson C20) carried no rank but a rifle, as tank commanders do of course ! A very poor effort and a media slight upon brave men.
  12. Don't know if anyone spotted this online today: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3604876/PICTURED-Soldiers-cut-figures-warships-line-beach-film-Harry-Styles-new-World-War-Two-movie-Dunkirk.html#i-9f954fbe7991c725 Rear view of some vehicles being used in the new movie along with snaps of the cut-outs of vehicles being used.
  13. Found this on you tube. In addition to intresting clips of WW1 and WW2 vehicles the economic argument is one we never think of.
  14. I know we have a "Worst War Film" post , but what about peoples favourites ? Mines still probably 'The Longest Day' , but honourable mentions to - 'Enemy at the Gates' 'Saving Private Ryan' 'Fortress at War'
  15. little youtube docu on Russian Airborne, part way through shows some of their vehicles in use today
  16. http://www.thinkdefence.co.uk/from-scimitar-to-fres-to-ajax/ An excellent and informative read covering decades of British MV design.
  17. Yes you guessed it its the Daily Mail commentating on a film set in Northern Ireland but filmed in Blackburn Lancashire http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2336722/Blackburn-street-transformed-Belfast-1970s-create-hellish-scenes-sectarian-violence-height-The-Troubles-new-film.html
  18. Movie https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/F01888/
  19. Some good shots of uniform and equipment as well. But apart from the Guy and Carrier, no type is named. So what are they?
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZOTUtYSTY8 Up to the 1950's early 60's including some nice just post Great War trucks.
  21. This is a short Pathe film from 1965 showing the activities of Military Engineering Establishment in Christchurch, Hampshire, since closed and now a retail park? Did the trench digger ever enter service? http://www.britishpathe.com/video/army-innovations/query/Christchurch
  22. Did anyone see tonight's Supertruckers on Quest? The main part of the programme was the delivery of an AS90, a MLRS, a Warrior and a Stormer to last years Wiltshire Armed Forces and Veterans Celebration. There was also some good footage of the show, the West Wilts MVT banners were quite prominent at the start of the programme, but the gazebo hid most of my Leyland Daf. The programme is repeated on Saturday at midnight, Sunday at 23:00 and Wednesday at 23:00. This years Wiltshire Armed Forces and Veterans Celebrations is on 27th & 28th of June in Trowbridge Town Park, more information on http://www.wafvc.co.uk
  23. On TV tonight is the Great British Sewing Bee. Of the Finalists, one is a serving REME Soldier and another is an ex-REME man. Neil is a Lt Col in REME and Matt was a REME vehicle mechanic.
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