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  1. keep us up to date with plenty of pics and info.😀
  2. Welcome nice looking Harley, 😁
  3. Looking good, :thumbsup:
  4. Nice looking bike keep us up to date with plenty of pics and info. :thumbsup:
  5. Cant wait to see finished project looking good keep up the good work, :thumbsup:
  6. Very good looking restro, keep us up to date with pics and info good luck, :cool:
  7. Welcome nice truck, good luck, :thumbsup:
  8. A very good restoration your doing, keep us updated, nice trucks the Bedfords, :cool2:
  9. A very good restoration ahead of you here good luck keep us updated with plenty of info and pics, :cool2:
  10. Doing a cracking job keep us updated, looks good,
  11. Just read the whole thread your doing a excellent job are you still going to do it as a anti air defence vehicle, :cool2:
  12. Very nice lorrys there sound nice watched all the videos very good hope you had a good time,
  13. Nice truck keep every updated with pics and info,
  14. Congratulations keep us up to date with info and pics,
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