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A Hello from Armour World.

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Hey all. Firstly a thank you to Lee for the invite to the site!


Well I am John Lyons. I used to work for Beasts of War for a few years before I felt to become a student at UCLAN.

I already see some names on this forum I have met briefly at War and Peace over my years of attending.

My dad and I own a few vehicles, cheif among them is a Sherman M4A4 that Adrain has supplied parts for in the past! We also have a windsor carrier and a GMC and a Jeep.


So I thought I would explain what Armour World is. It is a youtube channel I have started this year which I hope to expand on. The basics behind it is to bring an informal documentary series that highlights the military vehicle hobby, showing the efforts of many of you vehicle owners out there and hopefully getting to show off your stuff for all to see online. I have always wanted people to understand that a documentary is not all science and numbers. So I am trying to create something fun and informative.


With that said, the success of the channel is down to finding people out there with vehicles

who are willing to let me in and around their pride an joys and maybe if they wish to give a demonstration.

I have already had an invite to war and peace by Normandy 44 So I hope that will open up the idea and make a better proof on concept so that it does become the channel I have in my mind.

You can see below is a link to the channel page which has my first video (conducted on our own Sherman restoration) more to see if the video would be the kind of thing people would watch.

Anyway I will not ramble any longer. Thank for the invite again and I hope to hear from you guys in the future and grab a drink with some of you at War and Peace this year!



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really good idea, my cromwell should be ready early next year and you're more than welcome to do a piece on it. by the way i liked the bit you did on your sherman, well presented and easy to understand for the layman (that's me)

good luck with your project, you don't often get to see inside a tank let alone have it's workings explained for you



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