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  1. We are still taking orders for collection at Malvern next weekend so if you have any Stencil needs let us know or just pop in a say hi Tony & Steph
  2. We are now taking orders for collection at Stoneleigh on the 31st Jan If you need any stencils please let us know or pop to the stand to say hi
  3. Yes we very much are we who was the email from Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Wednesday will be the last day to place orders for collection at The Northern Military Expo, so if anyone is wanting stencisl to collect please let us know. We look forward to seeing you there. Thanks
  5. Hi Terry Yes course no problems send me the details and will draft you up a proof Thanks
  6. We are now taking orders for collection at the Nortern Military expo on the 2nd November 2014, so if you have anything you need let us know or just come along and say high. http://www.axholmesigns.co.uk
  7. Exactly why we don't go into town centre anymore
  8. Will be going but staying out of the town centre
  9. Hi anyone know where I can get some king pin studs from for my half track
  10. Did it this morning passed no problems Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. It has no signals at all but is road reg, taxed and insured its a 1944 weasel
  12. Hi one more question if the vehicle is left hand drive what do you do about the turn hand signals
  13. Thanks anything else I should worry about when taking it
  14. Hi guys I have my test in a few week daft question do u need L plates on while doing it ?
  15. Hi Guys Axholme signs will be Northern Military Expo this Sunday if you have any stencils need come and say Hi, look forward to seeing some of you there. Further info on the show can be found at http://www.northernmilitaryexpo.co.uk/
  16. Tomorrow is your last day to place orders for collection Northern Military Expo so if you need any stencils let us know, look forward to seeing you all there. Thanks
  17. just seen a T34 on the back of a loader going down the M180 towards Grimsby looks like a restoration job on its way to a new home
  18. We will be there planning on taking 3 GMC,s and dodge and jeep
  19. Seemed to have found the issues but no idea how it was working before the Cup Seal is not in the master cylinder as shown in diagram as E. anyone know where i can get one from its 1 1/16. It is a Wanger Cylinder so dose anyone know who sells rebuild kits for them or just has the seal Thanks
  20. Hi Guys Can anyone help and tell me what units and where the brits used weasels please, i have found one picture with it marked up in brit markings but cant tell what unit or where. Thanks
  21. Hi guys Having an issue with my M8 clutch I have changed a pipe that was weeping but now can't get it bled up. It was working before a drained the system but put new fluid in DOT 4 and can't get anything on the pedal at all tried bleeding it old fashioned way and with a pressure bleeder but still nothing anyone have any ideas ??
  22. Check out our Gallery page to see what some of our other customers have been up to with there restorations, this may give you some ideas with your restorations for this season,or if you know your requirements or need any help visit us at http://www.axholmesigns.co.uk http://www.axholmesigns.co.uk/Topic/17-Gallery.aspx
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