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  1. BBMF over the City of York today absolutely fantastic ! camera....what camera:mad: too busy rubber necking looking up through the narrow street down Goodramgate !
  2. Did we see Berna and Bernadette heading towards Ackworth about 17.45hrs today ? on the new stretch of by-pass ? we were heading back to Doncaster on the 638 and I didn't have my camera:blush:
  3. Just got back from Post Office, rigourous checks of all forms including 112, scanned the bar code on renewal form ,no further questions and duly handed over tax disc...and then got asked why I didn't renew on line ?????>
  4. Marine Aviation Anniversary, watch out for our Gazelle heading back north on Tuesday, Scout cockpit came back today
  5. ANZIO by LLoyd Clark bargain second hand from Whitby bookshop
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