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  1. Thank you Mods for keeping me informed during my long absence ! Had a year from hell, hopefully 2014 will be a better year ? the highlight of 2013 was the MVT Crank-up at York Now all I have to do is think of more 'stupid questions' to ask cheers John
  2. Well up to now...8 Spitfire on end of coach Sunderland? on bridge parapet Mustang in tree Boston? in tree B17 ? on end of trolley Silhouette of a fighter on gate with children Unknown, upside down bottom left with dog drinking from puddle Corsair/stuka part of signal gantry oh hell I'm late for work:red:
  3. Just wanted to say thank you to all the guys from Forces 80 although the weekend didn't go as planned you guys put on a great show !
  4. Nice pics Mate, the MAN is great to drive , did it have all the little 'extras' in the cab ?
  5. Brilliant Pics Martyn, many thanks for sharing ! brought a lot of old memories back Mate, many thanks:-) The Jags are on at different prices £10k upwards you can see them on the Everatt website
  6. BBMF over the City of York today absolutely fantastic ! camera....what camera:mad: too busy rubber necking looking up through the narrow street down Goodramgate !
  7. Well, just thought I would try one last time to see if any interest in helping us out:red: up to now we have a tacr and dodge fire truck plus a few commercials plus our reo, anyway any support would be most welcome, we are taking the Scout cockpit as well thanks
  8. Thanks John ! not too late at all, busy down at the museum:red:
  9. Nice collection of pics Mark:-) thanks for sharing Mate
  10. Thanks for your answer, I was hoping to get away from 'splicing' (weaving) in the rope. I was hoping someone could direct me to what and where I could get the what looks like mild steel 'crimp type' fittings to make the loops up with ?
  11. Well I noticed it has been some time since I posted my last 'Stupid question' so here goes; whilst at the York MVT Crank-up I noticed on the other Reo's on display their tilt covers were tied down using a sisal/hemp type rope (mine has been bodged using paracord and spring loops) anyway as many of you will already know the tie down hooks on the side of the cargo body are more 'set up' to take the thicker stuff so....Thanks to Dale and Nick for my lesson on how to tie down in the future !! where is the best place to source the right stuff (rope) ? also instead of splicing the rope What is the name for the fitting to make the 'eye' formed through the canvas ferrule ring and does it require a special tool to 'crimp' the join ? Sorry for the poor description, but I am sure my stupid questions must amuse some members if not totally frustrate others, anyway, questions comments abuse ? many thanks:red:
  12. Top work Tony !....what's next ?:cool2:
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