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  1. I am looking for the stowage list and diagrams for a MK II if anyone has them.
  2. Incredible job, watching this all the time...
  3. No worries, was going to direct you to a site with GM Fox parts if that was what you needed.. Here is one that might have some spares, I picked up some Saladin spares from them. Don't know about Fox though. https://www.cvrtparts.com
  4. I am assuming you are talking about the Post War Fox, not the GM Fox from WW2..
  5. Hello Barry, thanks for the work....I would be interested in the 7.00x18...I will also need to get a set of 9.00x16 down the road. Lance
  6. Yes these are Rubber Strips, which were applied to the turrets, to prevent magnetic mines from being attached.
  7. Outstanding, there was a German company making Pz track a few years back, don't know if they did any Pzr 1 track though
  8. Can't believe your selling this Marc.. would love her, but have the tanks to finish.
  9. We reenact 15th Scottish in the US, mostly do 15 Recce, but have info for carriers etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/567499383452263/
  10. I looked for over 10 years and missed out twice in that time frame, Clive Hughes has a few bits, I had a few of the actual bases made/recast years back, but you will probably have to have one made..
  11. Cheers, the Liberty MK III to MK V are pretty similar, and I think the final version in the Crusader was the MK IV differences were governor speed and a few other things, will check it out..
  12. Yea we are reaching out to them too.
  13. Looking for a maintenance manual and spare parts list for the Nuffield Liberty MK V tank engine used in the Centaur.
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