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  1. Well, after much deep thought I had no option but to sell this Landi back in June. It went to a very good friend who had watched its restoration and had asked for first refusal if I sold Her. Within a few weeks it attended War and Peace with over 1000 miles clocked up in a very short time, glad to say it did my mate proud except for a new 'to fit' starter motor (I passed on to Him the old genuine Lucas one, which was rebuilt and replaced the dire inport one). Since I sold its apeared all over the country usually towing a matching UN Sankey and clocking up more miles and being enjoyed more th
  2. Just to let you all know this Landi is still alive and kicking after another great year on the local show circuit.
  3. This historic Land Rover is still alive and well and cared for. I def. want a copy of the book!
  4. I sadly can not make it.....my mate is though. Saturday stop over and the station bar.....Dam...A most excellent site. Hope you have a great Sunday.
  5. Real sorry to say Paul my shift pattern has changed at work and can not make this year sadly.
  6. Found a couple of pics. The lake and us, CF89 display.
  7. Displayed ?????????? years at the 'Tern valley vintage vehicle' event. The 'section' orginisers are first class folks and friends. Hoping this year to expand the military section to somthing else with re-enactors being asked for. The show site can only be expressed as being out standing. If I can find a pic. or two and resize will post.
  8. Slipped up there, should have had the artic muzzle cover on the SLR.
  9. If it's the chap I know and been told is doing the Easter event. Great chap. Really need to know what is going on as want to book one or the other in May as a group. This event (May one, working Easter)at the mo. has most points but carnt hang on too long as need to get bookings off, we dont double book. Scott, as I understand easter event all vehicles welcome and yes open to the public.
  10. I will add I went last year with CRAB1 (1980 Airportable) with .50cal and 1982 era display. Had booked in as such. On arrival I was shown to pos. one of the best spots on the site infront of the main hanger!!!! I made the point myself I in NO way wanted to distract from the WWII image some folks were prob. expecting to see and moved my self to a back area from all WWII displays out of respect for re-enactors etc. Ended up having a first class weekend and response from all was outstanding. At the end of the day it's up to all of us to have total respect for what other do and enjoy/expand o
  11. Prob. why some of mine are grey/green then!
  12. I was there last year and can confirm it is one excelent site, location etc. etc. Put a few of us in a 'dont know what to do' as we have attended Smallwood for years. BUT I may lean towards here this year.
  13. This is going to be intresting, got a few shirts my-self!
  14. That time of the year again, happy birthday mate. Have a great day.
  15. Paul. one or two, or three of us going from Stafford, Stoke area. Not sure what day yet though due to holiday's/day off. But want to go Fri. if poss. to set up display. You on f/b? If you are look up Combat Forces 89, but intro yourself, or pm me here to add you as it is a private group. We are into our Landi's and 70-80's kit.
  16. No prob. Mark. Was a cracking day but not enough time to have a propper root! In at nine and allmost last out. :-)
  17. Someone mentioned white for snow! Pic. taken at the weekend in the snow. A problem or two cropped up during the last couple of weeks. 1. Brake lights not working.... Fault pedal switch, because all brake system new, the free play with the pedal is not great. Adjustment of the switch was critical. Now sorted. 2. Headlight failure...just as I got home in the dark :shocked:....Fault I/R switch, new old stock one. Was prepared, instructions and double male lucar connector behind the switch panel in a poly bag. Job sorted in 5min. Other than that, at mo. no other little niggles.
  18. Any help? Mounted on the side arm of a URS in my Air Portable. Just see the insulated disc and gasket.
  19. Welcome along. I'm near Stafford and a Landi. fan.
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