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Complete loss of electrics - Land Rover ambulance


when we bought the ambulance there were no bulbs/lenses fitted but all fittings had been greased. The vehicle starts on a toggle switch when the key is turned in the 6 way switch, we have been testing the lights by replacing the backs etc but still have no lights. Anybody come across this before pls? Could it be a problem with the 6 way switch? or could it be something unrelated?





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Yes, on the 101. Check that the brown power line into the switch has power at it. If you have the switch that has the ignition inside, there was an in service mod I have seen a lot of times where a more modern 6 way switch was mounted on a plate next to the instrument binacale.

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Basically the 6-way switches


1. Hollow spindle for Ign. key barrel , screw terminals

2. Solid spindle , screw terminals

3. Solid spindle , 1/4" Lucar blades


You can fit a later knob on a early hollow spindle , you can make short conversion leads , lucar to screw.




They can act as a fusible link , sometimes the wipers play up but you can play with it and get a connection.




To test , us a resistance scale , bell test , lamp or whatever, TEST FROM 1 (input) TO 6.


Work to the truth table here - to see if the switch is 100% functional




You will find a load of COLURED diagrams here , Lightweight(s).




Military Land Rovers all follow a similar theme.


You don't say if you are S2A or S3 , either way you will be on a very simple "civvy diagram" diagram (probably S2A) but incorporating a few mil. features such as the 6-way switch , just test through all connections once you have given all clear to the 6-way switch.


Obviously more vehicle details would help.

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This might be a silly question but are all the earths OK?

My experience.....earth lead at right hand side of engine compartment next to bonnet stay became corroded..no lights; the little earth connection halfway up the left hand inside of the windscreen dropped off.....no horn, no indicators.

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thanks folks, will try the suggestions and let you know what we find. we were hoping to get them done this weekend but the coil sprung didn't seem to want to let loose any air out of the brake system, spent all weekend on it but at least we got some pedal now ! hope to get on with ambulance next weekend.

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