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  1. Hi yes it was part of the SANIE system but was unusual that it had no load fill on the front I have seen similar ones where there was a load fill hole/slot on the front for a plug and load encryption device but not on this one. ian
  2. Andy it was an encryption unit,I was told linked to a printer via a secure radio. ian
  3. RB44 with Bates Comms body, no issues, starts first time, MOT until 06/20, 14305 miles,12/24v charging system, full military history 99KJ33 served with 7RHA some equipment with it, 353DMU unit and a working bates fire control tough book/laptop other radios not for sale. please contact me for more details.£9500 ono. Ian
  4. I am looking for any Bates Comm's body parts, internal and external parts including seating, cables, brackets, and shelving. Many thanks Ian
  5. Hi all i am looking to buy an RB44 FFR TCB with BATES, BMETS,or EW variant i am quite happy to consider one with the Radio body missing but it must be the FFR TCB not as GS RB44. Many thanks Ian.
  6. Hi have you tried the Mt Riders Club lots of cheap parts. cheers Ian
  7. Hi i had the same thing with my 101 ambulance which was caused by the infra-red light switch shorting out, result no lights, once i by-passed this lights worked fine, just a thought. cheers ian
  8. The RB44 was brilliant in the snow 20inches and it never once struggled also great at pulling out stuck cars. On the road well after reading other reports and in-service reports mine must be the odd one out, It drives exceptionally well stops in a straight line goes off the speedo and is great off road, but and it is only a small but in my humble opinion the cab sits on top of the wonderful Perkins engine and the cab is only a light truck type and it’s a tad noisy and the cab rather tinny so it rattles but one thing you would never fall asleep driving it. And yes its great fun vehicle to drive. Cheers Ian.
  9. Slightly late but here are some of the RB44 in the snow in Sussex last week 20in snow and it never stopped once i can only say it was brilliant in the snow. Ian
  10. Hi all had mine Plated and tested last June by VOSA, impact protection and Tacho not required for PHGV also when the VOSA inspector measured the length of the vehicle it was under-length and did not require rear marker boards,but it is not speed limiter exempt. cheers ian
  11. Hi Stone Buy it if you can, i have owned a RB44 for 18 months i know everyone has a different view on the Boughton and its Alleged faults etc, having spoken to the Manufacturer and those that used them all have a different view on it's faults and Capabilities. The braking and pulling to left or right under brake load all appear to have been sorted by the in service mods, i can only speak from using the vehicle and have found the following, It goes like stink if you are so Inclined it will go off the speedo it will drive up the side of a house, it stops in a dead Straight line breaking is excellent, fuel economy is great better than some landies i have owned i thought at least 20+mpg but another Boughton owner has worked out that if he keeps below 60mph a steady 50mph returns over 30mpg this i cannot confirm but mine seems brill on fuel, it never fails to start Perkins T4 great engine it has a speed limiter fitted so you cannot thrash the gears but you can pull wheelies in first when pulling away if you like:-D. As for working on it the whole front including bonnet can be taken off easy access to rad etc. I have in just over an hour had all the front seat's out engine cover and side wall's and cab floor out this means you have all round access to gear box/transfer box and most of the engine. Parts for the engine are Commercially available and other parts are becoming much easier to find now. My own personal view is its a great 4x4 much more fun than a landrover and great cross country(i live on the southdowns) Permanent 4 wheel drive diff locks and hi/lo range its a very cheap unimog. Anyway thats my waffle over i hope this helps. Ian
  12. Ian RB44


    Yes they put mine on the rollers, i thought they would do a road test threw me at first. Thats mine in the pics 96 KJ 65 with an in service ding left in the wing, i have seen the panthers head on a few vehicles often wondered what unit/group used it. you can start having fun with the RB44 now. cheers Ian
  13. Ian RB44


    Well done Sorry for the late reply just got back from W&P by a sheer fluke i managed to park opposite another Boughton never even saw it until parked up. Lots of interest shown to both. Ian.
  14. Ian RB44


    Hi Andy If you need any help with the RB44 i registered and plated mine last week i can pm you and talk you through the VOSA,DVLA process and costings. cheers ian
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