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  1. Does anyone know what this box is for please? It has been fitted to Land Rover Marshall Ambulances. Thanks
  2. Does anyone have the part numbers for the exhaust on Marshall bodied ambulance (S2A) please, I have the parts book but the part number for the rear section which includes the silencer is not a valid part number but a google search does not come up with the right number. Any ideas please? Thanks
  3. For some reason it has turned itself to the left, but you get the jist. This is the badge found on the door of Alf showing ministry of aviation, with R.A.E. in the middle and the faint marks of the crown on top. Does anyone have a better close up pic of an RAE door crest from the 1960's please, I need to try and make up door panels for shows. Thanks Avril
  4. thanks folks, will try the suggestions and let you know what we find. we were hoping to get them done this weekend but the coil sprung didn't seem to want to let loose any air out of the brake system, spent all weekend on it but at least we got some pedal now ! hope to get on with ambulance next weekend.
  5. when we bought the ambulance there were no bulbs/lenses fitted but all fittings had been greased. The vehicle starts on a toggle switch when the key is turned in the 6 way switch, we have been testing the lights by replacing the backs etc but still have no lights. Anybody come across this before pls? Could it be a problem with the 6 way switch? or could it be something unrelated? thanks Avril
  6. Does anybody have any info on Land Rover S2A/3 ambulances that had the Marshall bodies please? Do you know if any plans were made? What standard equipment was fitted? Do you know where we can get a copy of the Military publication for the Rover 7,9 or 11? Ours is Rover 11 but we have been told they were all similar. We have a copy of the dutch ones for S3 but we could do with the english version (although some words can be guessed at) ours is a 1971 but apparently didn't go into service till 1974, we are waiting to hear about registering it as it was a direct release. Hope someone can help with any info please. Thanks Avril
  7. sorry to be thick but can you tell me the following abreviations pls HMG LCC (PE) AFS/CD PJJ, PLF etc - are these vehicle reg numbers? Thanks Avril
  8. Hi there, i have also just joined the forum, welcome from another land rover owner. We have a 1964 SWB station wagon ex-ministry of aviation, also just purchased a 109 ambulance 1971 Avril
  9. Hope this blows up ok. 29- Striking plate 333140 30- female dovetail on body 332147 31- spacer 332943 32- shim 305232 These are from the S2 parts catalogue so the part numbers will prob not match up anymore, but gives you an idea. If you need owt else, please let me know. Avril
  10. Alf was bought in a batch with other vehicles, i did have the history of it from DVLA but I no longer have this (long boring story). It was something to do with the RAE, on the original DVLA paperwork it had mention of a government department in London. I am after pics of what the items on the roof would have been, again i had a pic of a 109 S3 but it was black & white. Does anybody know the name of the book that was written about Farnborough? on the inside covers were aerial shots of the base, I would love to find this book again.
  11. I have a 1964 Land Rover SWB Station Wagon, never had a military number, always registered for road. Based all its life at Farnborough. Was sold at Ruddington in the 80's to a dealer. Has most original panels except drivers door bottom and replacement door tops. Has had a different bumper fitted (was originally just a straight one as per prev owner). Has an 'M' painted on the roof and apparently it has the farborough crest on the passenger door under the paintwork. Was painted yellow top half and RAF blue bottom half. Had a 'follow me' sign attached to the roof but also has other holes - not sure what they would have been for. If anybody can help identify what would have been attached to the roof or has any info about MOA then i would appreciate. Thanks Avril
  12. if you can post a pic of the bit you need to know about I will take a couple of pics this weekend of my rear door lock, or will take a pic of the parts diagram if that would help. Avril
  13. thanks for the warm welcome, will try and post some pics, not sure how but will have a go
  14. Hi there, I am a Series 2A owner SWB Station Wagon. I have been a member of the Series 2 Club for nearly 10 years. My other 1/2 has just bought himself a 2A ex-military ambulance, so we are now even more pennyless than before ! If anyone knows of other Ministry of Aviation vehicles I would love to know, my landy was based at Farnborough all it's life. The problem I have is that my landy was not military (as it had no plate) and not civvy as it had some military extras so very difficult to find any info at all. Many thanks Avril
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