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Happy Birthday Snapper


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Thanks one and all.


51 years young and starting to show it. I am still languishing at home with a dead ankle. No dancing and a summer of events gradually being cancelled. I might be back at work by June 2 but driving is a nightmare - I can't even work the brake pedal on the MUTT. I ran her up on Saturday and got her out of the garage to do a little tinkering and as an added present the clutch rod sheared. So now my able assistants and I will be dismantling the essentials and hunting replacements in time for W & P which is my target for return to action on foot and on tyres. Talk about gutted..the best layed plans of mice and men.... But hey, I've been busy getting other things done and today I'm out in the garden listening to the Stones and drinking tea. Perfection.


All good wishes,



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