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Rotherwas Munitions Hereford

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I now live on Rotherwas. 

The pill box, still visible on Google,  was demolished years ago apparently.  

The guard room next door is about to be demolished (10/1/20)

There is an underground air raid shelter adjacent which I'll photograph and video in a couple of days

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On 1/6/2010 at 12:44 PM, Spood said:

One more for now, one of the original rail carriages used for transporting ordanance. I've got a couple more I'll put up if anyone is interested.

Trying to find a few things out from my mum as she worked there for a while in the war packing stuff, stencilling crates and taking full trollies to the railway pick up point, but her memory is a bit hazy now she is getting on in years. I will persevere though and hopefully come up with a bit of interesting stuff.

Roth 2.JPG



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I was pondering - I could understand a momento truck being left on a section of rails. However - that truck is vacuum braked for main line XP, hardly a internal line/siding truck ? Yes, I am 10 years too late.
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