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  1. Sadly LMS Lichfield has sold all it had, and cannot supply any more.
  2. Sadly LMS Lichfield has sold all it had, and cannot supply any more.
  3. I have a Bradley MH35 coupling from a Sankey Widetrack with a split rubber boot and a failed damper. Since it appears to be impossible to obtain replacement dampers (at least for less that the price of a complete trailer) the coupling is destined for the scrap bin unless someone here has a use for it. Currently stripped down but complete, it is available for collection free of charge from the Poole area if anyone wants it. Please message me as soon as possible if you are interested - the scrap bin is hungry and needs feeding and I am fed up tripping over the coupling!
  4. I thought that as long as the chassis was a new replacement and effectively "like-for-like" - as similar as possible to the original - it didn't make any difference to the status of the vehicle. If the chassis was different (such as a different wheelbase, or coils instead of leaf springs, etc) the situation is not as straightforward. If you fit a new replacement chassis and it carries the same chassis number/identification markings as the old, and the old chassis is scrapped, I don't think you even need to tell anyone. It's just a replacement part.
  5. 100mm impact sockets are readily available in standard and deep lengths in 1"and 1.5" square drive from Impact Socket Supplies, albeit not cheap. (ISS are fairly generous with discounts if you ask nicely though).
  6. Thanks. It's great just to know it still exists, I've wondered for years if it did.
  7. That is an interesting read, thanks for posting the link! I am intrigued by the bullet point that says you can drive "any engineering equipment (vehicles designed or built for the purpose of engineering work), except mobile cranes". I own a 1961 Iron Fairy 6 which is clearly a crane but due to the nature of its design is legally "Engineering Plant" according to the Special Types regulations, and not a "Mobile Crane". I wonder id that means that it can or cannot be driven on a car licence! Not a problem for me, I have a pre-97 C + CE licence, but it would be intersting to know if someone who only has a B licence can drive it.
  8. I wondered if it had survived, glad to hear that it has. Where is it now, a museum or private collection? Can it be viewed?
  9. I'm not sure if this figures is just for the R100 or is all models, and I don't know how many other types of Pioneer were left at Dunkirk, but if it is just the R100 that is 700 from a total production of 980. Adds a sense of scale to the disaster.
  10. If you type "lockwire pliers" into Google you will find many, many sources (including Amazon, Machine Mart, etc). Edit, oops, just noticed you want genuine WD pliers, which I am sure makes the search more difficult. Sorry, I should have read your post more carefully.
  11. I do like the way that you have "colourised" the images, it is very effective and to my eye adds a whole extra dimension. I've no idea how you do it, but it is great, thank you!
  12. Remember also that it is the maximum permitted weight of the "trailer" that matters, and that the brakes must operate on all wheels and exceed the minimum efficiency required (rules out vehicles with brake servos). It is exceptionally difficult to A-frame any vehicle and conform with the regs, most people agree it can't be done. In the recovery scenario, the vehicle must have been roadworthy before the breakdown and you are only allowed to recover it to the nearest 'place of safety' from where it must be removed by a conventional and legal method.
  13. Does anyone know of a UK source for a replacement damper for a Bradley MH35 coupling, the type used on Sankey trailers (the damper is possibly the same for the Penman, but the Penman coupling doesn't have the manual reverse lockout)? The damper appears to be a STABILUS 637041. Googling only reveals one source, in Belgium, at a price of well over 300 Euros, and not in stock anyway. One could buy a complete Sankey trailer for that price! I find it hard to believe that there is nowhere in the UK with these available, and it seems a shame to scrap a whole coupling simply due to a failed damper. I have contacted Bradley, who sadly remain more useless than a very useless thing and simply deny ever making these coupling, despite me supplying photos of the coupling, makers plate, part number and NSN. Seldom have I encountered such uselessness!
  14. Martin Harper was a well-known manufacturer of PTOs to fit a wide range of gearboxes, and, as an example, the hydraulic pump in my Iron Fairy 6 crane is driven by means of a Martin Harper PTO fitted to the BMC gearbox of the crane. The initials DBS on any kind of gearbox I associate with David Brown 7 Sons, well known makers of such things and still in existence today (now David Brown Santasalo). I am no expert on dating the parts you have but my instinct says that they are probably post-war.
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