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  1. If the battery has gone flat and has been like that for months, then it is highly likely that it won't hold a charge very well once you charge it up again, Lead-acid batteries do not like being left flat for a long time. You could try giving it a conditioning charge from good "smart" charger such as a CTEK, doing this will often help a damaged battery recover some of its lost capacity and make it usable again. Unfortunately the only way to find out how well your battery still works is to try it, and you do run the risk of it letting you down while you do this. Towards the beginning of loc
  2. I would add auto "steering" fog lights to the list of hates, utterly pointless, solving a problem which doesn't exist.
  3. I don't disagree with any of the foregoing, however a good quality LED bulb designed to have appropriate characteristics to replace an H4 bulb, correctly adjusted, and producing a beam pattern which passes the MoT test requirements for headlight adjustment, will not in general dazzle anyone if used properly. Since the introduction of Type Approval it has been illegal to use a light source other than the one the light unit was designed for and type approved with, so technically the only thing that has changed is that now it is an MoT testable item and cause for a failure, but I am sure that th
  4. I find this both incomprehensible and depressing. For the last few years I have run a Landrover with good quality LED bulbs in the headlights, and it has passed the MOT beam test without any issues, ergo there cannot be a beam problem. They undoubtedly illuminate the road ahead far better than the original H4 bulbs, they use less power hence are "greener", and I really don't understand what is the argument against them.
  5. If you do a Google image search (for "Bishops Cleeve" war memorial including the quotes for best results) there are several old images which make it very clear that the King's Head was indeed to the right of the photographer out of shot, and the cottages in right centre stood on the site of the shops in the photo immediately above. The other thing that is immediately apparent is that Bishop's Cleeve hasn't improved with the passage of time, and the picturesque charm of the old photos has been entirely eliminated in the name of progress.
  6. Worth noting that the"blue" filter is the appropriate colour to produce a signal green light from a paraffin/lamp oil flame.
  7. Personally I have never seen any BR artefact with the broad arrow/crow's foot mark. There were several operation military railways in 1955, of course, and paraffin lamps were in use well into the 1960s. My suspicion is that it is more likely to be of military origin (it is not a style that I associate with BR either, I don't recall standard BR lamps having the "crinkly" top, they are usually domed) The ubiquitous Bardic came on the scene in 1962, but I seem to recall that it took a while for the paraffin shunting lamp to be phased out (and paraffin loco headlamps lasted until the end of s
  8. Out of interest I have just checked my settings, and I too don't have the option to change the display name.
  9. "Intent" is notoriously difficult to prove, and I suspect that the success or otherwise of legislation related to Q14 would be wholly dependent upon the burden of proof needed to establish the intent. Prima facie, the clear answer to Q14 should be "it should be considered a very serious offence" since the fact that there is intent indicates beyond doubt that potentially serious criminal activity may result. The question is not asking anything about the situation where the intent is not proven, so merely having possession without clear intent is outside the scope of Q14. That being said, r
  10. "Historic Vehicle" is a taxation class, not a vehicle type.
  11. It wouldn't be a commercial vehicle per se, only if you were using it for commerce. It would probably be considered to be a Private Heavy Goods Vehicle in the eyes of the law.. The outcome and the legal situation would depend entirely on the wording of whatever agreement he is trying to enforce, I would think.
  12. I have found a similar thing, if I search for keywords that I know exist, the search returns zero results. If is do a Google search of the site (i.e., enter "site:hmvf.co.uk <keyword>" in the google search box) for the same keyword, it will be found. I suspect that there is a malfunction with the search facility. For example, typing the word "Singapore" into the search box returns no results. Typing "site:hmvf.co.uk Singapore" into google produces pages of results.
  13. I wonder how long it will be before all the ground source heat pumps become a problem, since if the heat is taken out of the ground, the ground must get cooler. Ultimately until there is an acceptance that the population has become unsustainably large for the planet and moderation becomes the order of the day, I can't see any real improvement happening. I am relieved that I will (probably) be just a forgotten memory by the time it comes to a head.
  14. Almost impossible to answer since it depends on how you're using the tool, but generally I expect a morning's work from a 5Ah battery on the 1/2 drive.
  15. I have recently generally moved from using air impact wrenches to Milwaukee M18 cordless wrenches, which are excellent. I have a range from 3/8" SqDr up to 1" SqDr, and I haven't yet found anything that an air tool or corded electric will do that these won't. I have a 3/8" Milwaukee right angle impact wrench, and it is a genuine impact wrench not a nut runner, but the 3/8" tools are relatively low torque and their suitability will rather depend on the size of your project. For most vehicle work up to Landrover sort of size, I find the 1/2" drive most useful, it gets used a lot! Lar
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