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  1. I guess the main reason is, that these vehicles are owned by a museum at the moment. Museums have not as strict demilitarization laws and therefor i could just assume, that the armor and armament is still intact. So if they would want to sell them inside Europe, they would need to cut down alot of stuff on their own. So with exporting outside EU they hope to avoid this.
  2. https://www.dandbmilitaria.com/british-gpmg-trilux-sighting-unit-lamp-u7-b They come up from time to time. Here they have one again. Heavy price tag as most d and b stuff though. I own one of the white triangle stands from the SF kit if you are interested.
  3. HI would also love some pictures of the WoMBAT or ConBAT with its CSWS L3A1 night sight fittet. I own one of these sights I restored from real bad condition and would love some pictures besides the two in the manual for Display purposes. Also any first hand experience stories would be cool to read too. Thanks!
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