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What book are you reading at the moment?

Great War truck

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Doing book reviews takes up a lot of time, so i was just wondering what people were reading and what they thought of them?


I just picked up for 20p at a jumble sale "Dunkirk - Fight to the last man" by Hugh Sebag-Montefiore (great name). At about 700 pages it is big book but i am really enjoying it.


The previous one i finished (from same jumble sale) was "Destination Basra" which was ok, but didnt get me too excited. A pity really when you consider what those boys did, but I just didnt find it very exciting.


Anybody got anything to add?


Tim (too)

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I am reading a brilliant book from a WW2 U Boat commander. It's a biography of his war time service.


It's called IRON COFFINS and it's by Herbert A Werner. His boat amongst others was U-557.


I've also bought another book, again a biography, called PANZER LEADER by General Heinz Guderian.

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I got Ken Smalls The Forgotten Dead about Op' Tiger at Slapton in a charity bookshop for a quid the other week. His crusade to erect a monument to the men who died that night in the form of a DD Sherman he negotiated the purchase of from the US government and brought up from the seabed. A very good book about a very interesting man and a very worthy cause


oh and it was signed :)

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I have just finished Attack State Red about the Royal Anglians in Afghanistan. It is one of the best books to come out of the war thus far. I don't mind admitting there was one moment when a soldier was killed that I had to stop, I was so upset.


I recently finished a book about the Norwegian campaign of 1940 called Hitler's Pre-emptive War. It is a superb translation into English but it becomes a little hard going.


Another recent gem was Long Rifle by Joe LeBleu, a US sniper in Iraq. Not gung-ho and easy on the eyes when you don't want to be overly challenged after a long day in the saltmines.


Sniper One and Eight Live Down are superb books. I've been trying to mix in and out of periods but there is a proliferation of Iraqistan books at the moment. As you know, we have The Pathfinder under way and I welcome reviews of new/very recent books. Olaf has helped with the next edition, which is out in October.


I want to resurrect the book reviews thing on the forum and this would mean appraisals of classic/old/unknown/favourite books. I've got quite a number I never got round to posting up due to other tasks including several from Tony B which all need to be sorted.


So let me know if you'd like to get involved with the forum books or to be inprint.



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how much have you read?


Mark (ook?)


got mine this afternoon! 160 pages, but I have had to cook dinner!:n00b:


Flash Forward by Robert J Sawyer is published 6th October so got it reserved. also from Britian at War on renwal of subscription Escape to Freedom, by Tony Johnson, an airman's story of escape and evasion.

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