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  1. Hi all. Does anyone have a hard cab Diamond T for sale or know who might have one ?
  2. Lovely. I will look out for an Mandator tractor uuit to put it in.
  3. Thanks Iain. They have really stuffed me and informed me yesterday that after today there will be a £5 +vat per day storage charge !!! I will be naming and shaming them in due course !!!! I will pm you with the info. Thanks to all involved.
  4. Could you possibly collect it ? Could I pm the details to you ? Cheers, Richard.
  5. Hi all. I have had a canvas tilt shipped in a container and the shipping company will not post it to me. They say it must be collected !!!! It is for a Dodge M882 so about as big as a Land Rover LWB top. It is at Felixstowe. Could someone local collect it for me. I could get a courier to collect it from there. I would be very grateful and pay for their trouble. Cheers, Richard.
  6. Great event that just gets better and better ! Just realised that I was talking to Antar ( John ) with Timbo !!! I am making sure that all my toys come next year !!!!
  7. They made an 'improved' version known as the L11 up to the early eighties. The bellhousing should line up ok .
  8. Thank you for clarifying that Nick. It would be nice if they did implement both of them. Making a rolling exemption for both MOT and Tax would make sense to me.
  9. Hi all. I was talking to somebody the other day and he was adamant that the government were adopting a 30 year old exemption from MOT testing. He also was certain that there is a rolling 40 year licencing fee exemption permanently in place. Does anyone else know anything one way or another ???:undecided:
  10. The tyres in the picture are KAMA Russian tyres. As fitted to the ZIL 131 amongst others. They are available as 12.00 x 20 tyres. there are loads of them about. Think Poland etc...
  11. Inspirational. What more can I say !!!!!
  12. I must have done thousands of miles with mine. I had a few battery packs and would charge them up. I could drive for hours. A birthday later I got a Cheetah and a couple of birthdays after that a Sand Scorcher. Along with motorcycles this was as good as it got for a teenager !!!:-)
  13. I intend to build a replica at some time. I still have my XR311 to measure the dimensions.....
  14. Who had the Tamiya R/C version in the '70's????:-)
  15. Must be an early Christmas pressie Paul !!!!:-)
  16. Does anyone have a FV dashboard for sale similar to this ?
  17. Does anyone know anything about this ? The Lancasters are scheduled to fly over at 3pm.
  18. Fantastic show. I will definitely be going next year for more than one day, and going green !!! Met some great people, more than I can mention but it was great to see Timbo and Will and Ian (Texas Pete) who the missus describes as a young 'Richard Gere' who trusted me to drive his beloved BRDM around the arena. You are simply a legend and maybe we can have a BRDM patrol next year ??? I have never seen this much tracked armour at a show north of London before. This is most certainly a show not to miss.
  19. Just to say a big thank you to Stuart and everybody involved in YWE for a great weekend.
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