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  1. Snowy from Tin Tin? I,ll get my coat
  2. Im in Shoeburyness next to Southend if it helps David N
  3. i dont know if this is of any intrest on evil-pay now regulations for army fire service in war 1942 item number 372833498356. no conection to the seller.
  4. Morris Commercial C8 Quad ? though the butttler side light seems too high
  5. damm to late again any one else got a set for a quad
  6. :blush: Ok I know I should know it .But what is the Ferodo V number for the Morris C8 fan belt and any one got a spare?:cool2:
  7. there are some springs and pistons on evil bay at the moment but Morris commercial seems to bring up CD,s and other rubbish
  8. I wonder what became of the 50 odd Boyds anti tank guns sold in Exchange and Mart in 1977/8 shot gun licence required! :cool2:
  9. I want to hold it and hug it and love it and pet it. Sorry ia:wow:m drooling
  10. ok i will start the bid at £20 for the pair if you will hold them I really want an:cool2: engine if it can be rebuilt though
  11. Probably a long shot but in the 60s there was something like that in the old cavalry barracks Kirkey/mickman Colchester when the Foot and Mouth was going round it may have been the bleach mix I was only a little lad then but it stuck in my memory.
  12. pm me and i will send some photos via my phone
  13. primer is struck so not electric could be DM1101A2 LOSDAC-14-3
  14. the one I have is 105/617 DM60 LOS LM Z-1-23 It came from a CENT A.O.P. 26 Regt I think.
  15. I use to go down to a place called Friday Woods in the 60s wow that long ago there was all sorts once upon a time and I was forever being told off for bringing (STUFF).home that had to be disposed off as my dad was in the Army. I followed him and am still picking up old bits.
  16. I AM interested as I need cover for the Morris Quad to get some repairs done im in Southend on sea Essex.
  17. big long shot but any one know if there is a workshop / garage space with electrics available end of september to put the Morris Quad up.
  18. I think i can make out "Shot AP/Armour percing discarding Sabbot./D.S. dont know if it helps quantity 2 box looks small for that
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