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  1. I am very late to this party but some legal clarification might be helpful for anyone finding themselves in a similar situation. The Torts (Interference with goods) Act 1977 together with a slack handful of consumer/sale of goods acts are the guides. Long story short Title remains with the original owner unless the quarry owners have undertaken a rigorous process outlined in sections 12 and 13 of the Torts Act. In plain language they need to be able to show that every step was taken to identify the owner. Throughout this they retain the status of "involuntary bailee" with a legal duty to ensure noting untoward happens to what is, effectively someone's property Only if that fails can the goods be sold. Storage is a similar issue, and cannot be "charged" retrospectively, only if proper notice has been served right at the outset (said act) So any discussion about what something might have cost to store is meaningless in a court. A useful read... https://www.claims.co.uk/knowledge-base/sales-law/wrongful-interference-with-goods
  2. Just a quick update - just waiting for my contact over in Canada to get back to me then we will get all this underway!
  3. Looks like we have the makings of a 20ft container load here folks. My stuff is relatively light (a cab, hood, some wheels and other sheet metal parts). Will these fascinating sounding items of yours fit in a standard container (about 8 ft wide and 8 ft high inside? I have pmed you my contact details.
  4. I have some items to ship back from Canada in the next couple of months (Toronto). One option is to fill a container on a share basis. Does anyone need space?
  5. Try "Soldier Talk" by Simon Cullen https://www.amazon.co.uk/Soldier-Talk-Simon-Cullen/dp/0850524598 Might not contain the latest slang, but its a good starter for ten
  6. We have done both engine mounts and the spring rubbers using Devcon "Flexane" 2-pack. There are a number of hardnesses available - go for the 60.
  7. Brilliant for 6V. We fitted one to a customer's F1 Ford with a flathead V8. It was the last throw of the dice before we converted it to 12V but it transformed things. On one occasion I even wound it onto the trailer using the starter motor alone. On the downside they don't look right in certain circumstances (EG a Jeep)
  8. They were, however, provided under lend-lease and were allocated by the Ministry of Supply. As such they are often assumed to be "military". In fact they were used both in agriculture and more generally in the war effort. The lend lease M's had (I think) a front towing pintle and a hole in the bulkhead so that the driver could swap from petrol to TVO without stopping/leaving his/her seat. I think I may have owned/sold the one in the post by Jamie Meachin......
  9. Tom I have made bonnets for customers in the past but a bit busy to do any right now but what I do have are a couple of correctly dimensioned centre hinges - I had a batch made ages ago. I think there might be a bit of surface rust but easy to clean up. I can let you have one if you are up for fabricating your own bonnet. The bonnets are relatively straightforward to have made up as long as you remember to leave a little spare steel on the front corners to follow the line of the top of the radiator cowl because of the slight downward slope of the whole bonnet rear to front. I think I even saw the template for the shape of the cutout that goes around the radiator cap on a shelf in the workshop yesterday and I can easily draw around that, scan it and email it to you. The brackets that the side panels hang on are simply a slighty curved rectangle with a slot; these are riveted to the bonnet. Some pictures here http://s484.photobucket.com/user/RustyTrucks/library/Bedford Bonnets
  10. Check your cab mounts first. Gearbox mounts second.
  11. Interestingly we did tens of thousands of miles in Surrey and beyond during the trials and I am not sure I agree with the propensity to bounce! Maybe having come from the likes of Mk1 Militants they seemed to positively glide along. You did say in your post vibration though, and so, notwithstanding the state of the roads, I would be taking a very close look at all the mechanicals.
  12. Something amiss there. Does it the whole thing judder (drive shafts as you say - although I do recall a defect with the gearbox mountings coming loose and also cracking in cross members) or is it just through the steering? Definitely not normal.
  13. Don't think so - as I recall the gearing is such that you are out of power band revs on the Eagle 350 as you hit 45. The upside is that they are quite quick off the mark. The other issue is that nothing on the thing is designed to do more than 45, so brakes, steering, suspension are all matched to that speed, not a higher one. My strong advice is that if you want a faster truck, buy a faster truck.
  14. Urban myth. The reason that DROPS is steady is that was what the Joint Service Statement of User Requirement (JSSUR) required - max speed 45MPH. So that is what Scammell and Foden worked to. Remember that they replaced AEC Militants for the most part, so even 45MPH seemed quick. Tyres happened to be rated at 55MPH.
  15. I have a box of Eberspacher stuff if you are interested - it came out of a load of stuff we salvaged from a haulage company. There are two burner blower units, flues, fuel feed pipes, looms and switches etc. They are diesel and 24V. PM me if interested.
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