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  1. If its the same one from fleabay my wife got into a bidding frenzy I had asked her to bid up to a certan amount as i was away but she just kept bidding :red: Glad it went to a better man:D
  2. Wear:-D are you located I might have to use you for my No5 body Morris Quad canvas I`m in Southend Essex David
  3. Even the fillters look too long and narrow to be C8
  4. Bedford MW water bowser just turned up on mil=web
  5. Also comes with a third wheel to fit the rear for towing other aircraft the track unit also had a wheeled version that used large inflatable bags to support the lower wings. Odd there isnt more about this little truck Just noticed if you go to the link on the last post it shows the inflatable one
  6. I thought they were only used in Italy
  7. Dingo every time since i saw them lined up in a field in NI for £500 each in the 70s
  8. If you find them I need 5lt Deep Bronze Green as well as nato Green:cool2:
  9. Will every one stop rubbing it in that they are at W+P :embarrassed:
  10. Posted on FaceBook Louise Mccaw Plz can anyone help my dad came back from ride of respect on the m25 and his bag came off his bike dont care bout camera would like medals back. Plz share this
  11. MWT-Anti-Tank Dropside TRACTOR. This is a new one on me, anyone come across one? That may be the one for the Hotchkis portee?
  12. Left hand drive must be one of those forign types :red:
  13. Hi Jimmy I have some frpm John Walker if you want the size 3mil
  14. Shame they may have been going here Today [/url] Epping & Ongar Railway Epping And Ongar Railway in Chipping Ongar :cool2: Saturday 01/06/2013 any one going? :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
  15. Thats the one on the C8s were they standard fit?
  16. Hi Ivor Not sure about yours but the two C8 g/s"s have the same size one thats on the 25pdr. I havnt seen a bracket on the Quads though.
  17. Do not fill it with Steinhäger again (Steinhäger being some sort of gin) The wife dose have some use:D
  18. Battlsbridge auto jumble and clasic car show yesterday nice early Pig, Landrover ambulance and a Dodge w/c selling the Godiver trailer off E.play
  19. What cusions do you need I have drivers seat but not the back but know of one to take the size off
  20. There is also Wheels & Tracks issues 29-30 page 30 in issue 29 shows the off side with only the sky light window no reg but MCC radiator badge David N
  21. common seance if its not tied down and you stop where dose it go:( sorry spelling is off im tired not tyred
  22. Hi Do you know where to get the hose between the carburater and air filter? John Walker had the Carburaters if you need one
  23. I am trying to do a compilation of pictures I have and I know of one that had the 1100s changed because of the wheel woble over 30mph
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