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  1. A new show is being organised by the manchester area mvt at burrs country park in bury on the 20/21 april 2013, all ages of vehicles welcome, trade stalls, 1940s music, fairground, camping etc. booking in forms available from the websitewww.mmvt.t83.net. or for general enquiries or trade bookings please ring paul on 07811375451
  2. hello, i am working on a rb44 and have cleaned the front brake shoes and replaced all four wheel cylinders on the front axle. i am now struggling to get them to self adjust. i set the shoes manually 5 clicks as per manual with drums off but once they are fitted they dont seem to be adjusting while pumping the pedel is there another way of adjusting them thanks paul
  3. does anyone know what type of aircraft would be capable of transporting a ql cant seem to find any info on it thanks paul
  4. HELLO a mate of mine is restoring a 1944 bedford QL split cab and wanted to know what the removable section is for in the drivers side A piller thanks paul piller
  5. thanks everyone, had a good look over the thing today and found it was the dual relay valve was leaking after a quick chat to a friend. hopefully i should be able to clean it out inside and try again. it does have a load sensing valve fitted. thanks paul
  6. ok will check that today, is there anyway to pressure up the system using a compressor so i dont have to run the engine i was thinking of connecting it to the tyre inflater but dont want to cause any damage thanks paul
  7. HELLO am having trouble with my bedford mj, its not getting up to air pressure only reaching 3.5bar on both gauges and takes around 10-15 mins to get to that and drains in around 10 mins to 0. checked around the system and cant find any obvious leaks with soapy water anywhere. i can hear air escaping from the reservior internally but cant find where the air is going. any ideas or things to check for thanks paul
  8. FORCES AND FORTIES WEEKEND - 'Events by Us' are arranging a Forces and Forties Weekend to be held Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th and Monday 27th August 2012 at Burrs Country Park in Bury Lancs. This event is being organised for the following charities, Hurdles Family Support Group and Fusiliers Aid Society. There will be stalls, demonstrations and attractions etc across the 3 days and there will be a Car Boot Sale on the Sunday morning. Attractions will include a World War 2 Re-enactment, Military vehicles, Lancashire Fusiliers band, Centurion tank, Spitfire Engine, singers performing songs from
  9. the problem was/still is a very small amount of oil weeping between the cyl head and block behind the exhaust manifold seems to be a common problem but very annoying as i thought the work done would have cured it problem may be the piston rings or block but not sure. i think i will live with it for now the side bars were fitted by previous owner dont know who by could find out if needed though. thanks paul
  10. heres a few pics of her. yea she does perr but unfortunatly still have the same problem as before which is a pain in the ass after all that work and money cant see why its still doing it. i believe it was used by the 22nd medical regiment thats about all i know as of yet i need to do some researce when i get a min cheers paul
  11. HELLO a mate of mine has a rb44 and is looking for some info on the rear brake shoe set up. on inspection of the shoes noticed the leading shoe was about 3mm thinner than the trailing shoe is there a difference in shoe thickness between the two if so which is the correct way for the thinner shoe ie leading or trailing. also while replacing the front shoes and cylinders had some trouble getting the shoes to self adjust as with the drums fitted they dont seem to adjust but with drum removed self adjust freely many thanks paul
  12. thanks for that, bit late now as i had it off last week which was a nightmare if only i knew. had it skimmed, valves reground and new valve guides and stem seals so hope it worth the trouble. thanks paul
  13. HELLO just about to remove the cyl head from my mj (330 turbo) due to suspected head gasket failure, i dont have a engine manual for it yet and wanted to know the following for the refit head bolts torque setting rocker bolts torque setting tappet clearance setting anything else that may be usfull to know thanks paul
  14. HI ALL noticed a oil leak on my bedford for a while now, so had a good look over it today and found the oil was leaking from the head gasket between the block and head above the injector pump in noticed it was 'bubbling' out slightly am hoping it the head gasket but worried if there is anything else that at fault or worth checking while i strip it down. am thinking of having the head skimmed and checked while off anyway. thanks paul
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