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  1. we had contact details of who to call in emergancy breakdown ect some had soxmis cards as well.
  2. Dont know if Clive had a hand in this but it looks good
  3. put up a price and they may go pity ther wonr fit my Quad
  4. I think the 1st A.A. A/C is a Guy aswell cant get the pic up big enough but it looks like it has the boxed front cab
  5. Best send it to me to get rid of it I will pay postage as a favour LoL:D
  6. in my day AL39 was writen in black permy marker white stencil on the cap or in one cace Dymo tape
  7. Hi Keith hows it going hope all is well with you. poor old Persaverance is still not well I managed to burn out the electrics need help to get her back up and running again David:embarrassed:
  8. Neil do you know the a127 just past Basildon there are a few farm /builders vehicles for sale in a field near Dunton he had a Millitant that the council told him to move off the field as its not agricultural it did pop up as an old post with a link to a Moriss Commercial he also had for sale He wasnt in when I went to see the Morris but his mate said the Millitant was in a dry barn still
  9. and we never mixed it with oil to put a shine on the paintwork before a P.R.E:blush:
  10. I would be interested in your feedback on the radiator as I will be taking one up there soon {ish} as the company that quoted me £145.00 IS NO LONGER TRADING.:-(
  11. I have the manual on disk Late John Weasly but its my only copy and a bit personal how far are you from Southend?
  12. B&Q did me a good match to the wood 303 ammo box in there Valspar range of mix and match
  13. quite a few 30-40s Italian vehicles were R.H.D. I asked this question a few years ago didnt get a definet:red: answer though.:undecided:
  14. Hello and welcome always looking for bits:D
  15. I would say its about the size of a mercedes sprinter van well my No5 body is .AA took it on a 7.5 ramp when it broke down. old grandad licence says car/van and two trailers. Dont know how it works now.
  16. I do have the top and clamp cleaned up no seal or bolts though.
  17. I do have the top and clamp cleaned up no seal or bolts though.
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