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  1. Hi, this is a great find, and looks in super condition, so I look forward to the restoration! It just shows what is still "out there" and it's most interesting that this is a very different variation to the other two carts that we know about (both very different, so this is the third variation). It looks like it was designed to be pulled by one horse, what do you think? As for the markings, I guess that this would be for the Unit that it was allocated to - the 2 with the line underneath is distinct, but the other letters I can't make out. I'm very sorry for the belated reply - my cart is competing with my house renovation, and it has taken a back seat recently, but I'm getting there slowly. I would be interested to hear more on your project, Peter S.
  2. Hi, Niels, Just north of Aarhus (in Djursland, just outside the Mols Bjerg National Park). Med venlig hilsen, Peter S.
  3. Here are the latest developments with the cart restoration - I'm running late due to a move from the UK to Denmark. It has all been moved over to Denmark where I'll finish the restoration. It's all back together, except for the tow hitch and some work on the timber frame, but all the preparation has been done. Now the hard work begins of the rebuild, getting the detailing right and finding all the missing bits and pieces (or having them made as a last resort). Peter S.
  4. Charlie, This is a super find, a definite purchase for my library. Thanks for posting it. Peter S.
  5. Great, thanks for the links, I've checked them out and especially the Army & Navy mag articel is interesting. Peter S
  6. Target completion date is July, so I have to get a move on, thanks for the encouragement. Peter S.
  7. More progress on the restoration! I straightened the draw bar and it's all come back from the shot blasting. The condition of the wood and metal is great, just a few wooden pieces need to be replaced. Next step is to polish the brass, sand down the wood, fill in the defects, paint it and put it all back together. Peter S.
  8. Taking a break for the moment while the shotblasting gets done! I stripped and primed the wheels over the holiday - I had some Dunkelgeld paint left over from an Africa Korps vehicle I restored: this makes quite a good match to the original paint, just a bit too green but fine as a primer. Now they just need some TLC to finish them. One of the hubs is dated 1915, the other is undated a slightly different design and clearly later, so it is a real mix of dates. I suspect this is true of most military equipment, with replacement parts being fitted as needed and as available in a rush. Peter S.
  9. Hi Graham, thanks for the info. I'm sure these tanks found a lot of uses and got converted for farms, workshops etc as they are so well built. Peter.
  10. Hi, Bob, It's a good suggestion about the Great War Forum, I'll join it! Peter.
  11. Hi, John, Yes, I am aware of this thread and I'm contact with them. Thanks for the info. Peter.
  12. Hi Doug, I'm sorry, but I know nothing of the history of this cart. I'm trying to figure out as much as possible from the various stampings and the literature and from the experts in this forum! The main data plate is missing, so it is difficult to be sure about anything, except that it was first built around 1917 - 1918 as a Mk V (or V*) cart. As you say, it is in good shape - here is a picture of the wheels after repair by letting in a fellow of oak, so I didn't need to strip and rebuild the wheels. All the best, Peter S.
  13. Hi Rick - thanks for the photo. It appears to be from the same set as the famous photo (e.g. on the cover of The War Horses by Simon Butler) and it's nice to see the horse nearly out of the mud. Thank you for it. Peter S.
  14. I’ve just purchased a 1917 dated Trench Water Cart and I’mstarting to restore it. The date on the frame is 1917 and the wheels fittingsare dated 1918. However, some of thepipework fittings are marked Water Cart Trench Mk VII. It is also fitted with a steel shaft (itlooks like a military one to me) for being towed by a motorised vehicle ratherthan horses, so I presume it was a post WW1 upgrade of a WW1 cart. The tank, woodwork, steel fittings etc. areall in great condition so I only have to replace a few pieces of timber. It has one pump, so I only have to make thebox for the filter elements and the filter itself. It also has authentic looking sand colourpaint all over it. Any more information on the later Trench Water Carts wouldbe welcome to help my restoration as all my other projects are WWII, and I’mnew to the WWI scene. Attached some pics of the project. I’ll post progress as it happens! Peter S.
  15. Yes, this is the same one as at the Victory Show this year. Peter S.
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