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  1. Thanks for all the replies, As Chris Mentioned above its an obsolete chain that was used on winch drives by the USA. thankfully i have found a guy with some used chain.
  2. yep have been through the catalogues and been to the local dealers, the problem is the 9/16 roller diameter standard roller diameter for 1" pitch is nearer 5/8. also the height of the chain links is much lower, than standard, its a very strange chain!
  3. Thanks, i had already spoken them Fowlers and it has stumped them!
  4. Hi all, Bit a strange one this! I need some roller chain for a Cletrac winch but it would appear to be a very odd size! dimensions are 1" pitch, 9/16 roller, 5/8 wide so far it has stumped my local suppliers , so any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  5. In theory, less than £300 each, final price will be announced once they are in the warehouse and all the dreaded fees are paid.
  6. Thanks for all the feedback, The 10.50-20's will be going ahead, all being well they will be here late in the year or early next year 🙂
  7. Hi everybody, 10.50-20's quick question to those enquiring about 10.50-20 track grip tyres. They can be done but not cheap! They would come in around £500 each we would like to gauge interest levels prior to pressing the go button. Specs would be 16 ply, 2000kg load, 50 mph speed rating
  8. Glad you asked 🙂 The latest update is that Daimler Dingo tyres will be available very soon, followed by 10.50-20's as we have had a lot of request for those sizes. 10.50-16 may happen later on but the interest level was not as great.
  9. Hi all, just a quick note to day that we are down to the last few sets of the new 900-16's if your thinking of getting some, don't leave it too late. The next batch will be a year or so down the line as we are making dingo tyres next, then 10.50-16. Barry
  10. Ok, so now that we have made, sold and fitted the 900-16 track grip style tyres, we are now planning on 10.50-16 next! and possible 700-18 for Daimler dingo (depending on interest) so the first step is to gauge the interest in these tyre sizes, if people could reply with a comment on the size and number they would be interested in. only the sizes mentioned above for mow. also spread the word on other groups you maybe members of. it will take a bit of time but hopefully not as long as the 900's took! we have an original WD 10.50-16 to use as a pattern and will be looking for a dingo tyre if someone can lend us one for a month or two to use a pattern? it will be returned in good order. cheers Barry
  11. For the Ferret owners out there, the tyres fit your wheels perfectly, same bead dimensions as RF.
  12. HI Everybody FINALLY!! the tyres are here in the UK! I have fitted over a dozen already and they look and feel great. they do fit onto British rims with plenty of tyre lube 🙂 They are £300 each including a tube and flap. collection from Bristol or Portsmouth of we can ship at cost (UK pallet usually £90) Either PM me on here or drop me an email armytyres@gmail.com We also have 7.50-20 Bar Grip, 8 ply, @ £135 each inc tube and flap 6.00-16 bar grip 8 ply @ £80 each inc tube and flap.
  13. Sure, these pictures are from Ian West's LRC. The Turret is turned manually.
  14. The turret on the LRC does rotate 360 degrees on a very simple turret ring comprising of some angle iron and 3 bearings! nothing fancy 🙂 the little doors in the top of the turret are big enough to get your head out of and maybe a shoulder if your small enough. the main hatches are much bigger and this is where the BOYS rifle was fired from. On a side note i have since sold this Morris and its now joined another Morris LRC up in Cumbria that was restored by Debbie and Paul at Rusty trucks.
  15. HI all Could i ask that anyone who is interested in tyres please email me armytyres@gmail.com Let me know qty interested in, location, email and contact name Just so i can keep a track on requests in one place. Thanks
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