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  1. Looking for 4 off of the following: 1/2" BSF 16tpi @ 3/4" long (or longer) countersunk slotted set screws My usual sources do not have this size or have sold out. Anyone have some? or point me to a source please Thanks Pete
  2. Hi there. New to the forum. Don't know if I'm wise but I am interested in purchasing a Humber Pig and/or a Saracen. Always been fascinated in them since seeing them on the streets of N.I. in my younger days. I've a keen interest in the iconic vehicles used during the Troubles. Not sure if I'd prefer the Pig MK2 for the proper N.I. 'look' or the less hassle that comes with a MK1 (so I'm led to believe!). I wouldn't want it as an ornament, definitely would have it in use, personal and commercial. A few questions as many of the posts with good info are nearly 10 years old now :- Do these vehicles come up for sale often and what sort of price these days for a good refurbished one? Are there any experts on here could give me any advice? MK1/MK2? Possible to get the MK2 look on a MK1? With the barricade buster? Would they be reliable enough to use these days? Are parts easily obtainable? Are they easy to work at? How hard are they to maintain (basics i.e. Oil, grease etc) by someone who doesn't have much experience? Would a general heavy mechanic/fitter be able to work their way round these machines? Is a Saracen just completely out of the question in 2017? Doing my research, it seems Saracens are a bit of a nightmare with possibly the Pig a tad more manageable? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm searching for power distribution units, that were connected to army generators, FEPS, Light Field Generator, Harrington.... Especially 400V Distribution and 230V Distribution with AC connectors. Some are shown here: https://www.blakley.co.uk/sites/default/files/DDS401_FEPS_Compatible_Distribution.pdf
  4. Hi A bit of a long shot, but I am looking to reproduce a data plate for my MWC. The plate relates to priming the power pump before use. I was thinking about getting one etched, but I think the etching depth won't be enough. The size of the plate is 2.5" x 2.5" Does anyone have one of these I could borrow to make a copy or better still does anyone have one for sale? Cheers Richard
  5. Hi I am after some 3/4" ID corrugated water hose pipe for my Bedford MWC Any ideas where I can get some ? Cheers Richard
  6. Look for tyres for Scammell Pioneer, four tyres -military grip US style, ex - Militant, or Exlorer or Matador for exmple-help for restoration project, thanks for offers, Tom
  7. Hi I am after a Bedford 28HP timing chain for the power pump on my MWC Any used but generally servicable one (i.e not totally rusted up) would do fine Thanks Richard
  8. Hi I am after a 2" "pipe" support, it is intended to support a 2" bar and not to house a bearing. The closest thing I have found is a split bearing housing which I could machine out to 2" If anyone has any other thoughts on what I could use instead, these would be welcome. Have already thought of using a scrap crank shaft bearing holders Cheers Richard
  9. Hi I am looking for a "T" port valve for my MWC. I believe that all the connections are 7/8" BSP, one with these size fittings would be ideal, but a similar valve with 3/4" BSP would be just as good. (I do have the flange which is shown in the second photo) [Also still looking for pumps and filters] Thanks in advance Cheers Richard
  10. Hi Guys looking for a ford flathead 4 speed gearbox for the carrier and the clutch bell housing anybody any ideas where theres some for sale? cheers tom
  11. hi , folks , looking for very good 10.5 x 16 to fit an Bedford oy ,can any one help , thank you Peter
  12. Hi I am looking for a replacement water pump for a Bedford TM type engine 8.2L 500 series for a Saxon APC. The part number I believe is 91044882, the pulley has a separate part number of 91092552. These are taken off the pump. I cannot check that these are correct as I do not have a copy of AESP 2815-K-060-721 Any leads would be useful, or any recommendations as to where I can get it refurbished would be most helpful Cheers Richard
  13. Hi all, I'm looking for a set of Dodge WC front doors. does anyone have any for sale please? Regards Colin
  14. Hi, I'm looking for some 10.00 - 22 tyres if anyone has any or anything similar enough to fit an aec 850 r6t 6x6. Cheers.
  15. Ah, another mad impetuous fool, I hear you say. And yes I'm beginning to think so myself. Having had a good look at my recent purchase, can anybody help me out with pedals, a rear brake, handle bars and brake levers for the above please.
  16. No, not an angry cat or anything Jaguar related...... I'm after a Growler armature tester if anyone has one lurking unused? PM with details thanks, Alec.
  17. hi, looking a rear box to put on a qlr , regards Pete
  18. Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a used, good condition US Army WW2 Small Wall Tent with pegs and poles by Kay Canvas or similar please? Cheers, Colin
  19. Looking for a maintenance manual and spare parts list for the Nuffield Liberty MK V tank engine used in the Centaur.
  20. Wanted due to theft, set of front weights for Pioneer Recovery, full set would be ideal, but any amount would be helpful.. cheers Andy Cox.
  21. Hi Guys Does anyone happen to have any British Army maps for sale that would have been used out in the Malayan Emergency please? If so, I'd really appreciate it if you could message me or email me at gg@motorcycleresults.com please. Huge thanks
  22. Hi Does anyone have a Saxon APC manual for sale, before I go and buy one off the internet Preferably one that covers the Bedford Engine version Thanks Richard
  23. Looking to buy a Dodge WC 51 that is ready to drive away. Can Require some TLC but still must be roadworthy. Cash ready and waiting. (would also accept a WC52 needing TLC but still needs to be able to drive)
  24. Hi All, I recently bought the bones of my fourth Parabike restoration (when will I learn?) It's my first Brown one. (-: The original transfers are very nice. As can be seen, it's missing a lot of parts, but the first I'd like to locate is the upper wingnut and screw, so that I can lock the frame open. If you have one you'd be willing to part with, please let me know. I would also be interested in other parts too. thanks for your help. Best Regards, Adrian
  25. Hi Does anyone have a spare Bedford 28HP Dynamo Lucas D45 they wish to sell, like the one in the photo Thanks Richard
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