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  1. A Great BIG THANK YOU to all that came and helped out at the Fire Power event from All members of The Garrison Especialy Those that helped find my missing nut and bolt I will never slag off a sarry-can again (well almost never) oncew more THANKS :lol:
  2. Yourright they are called hip-ring covers but ask some one to make you one and they look at you as if you have just asked for bifurcated rivets I know I have asked for both let me know how you get on
  3. clock forward What :roll: :roll: :?:
  4. While watching fooling hitler on itv4 last night i noticed that the blow up tanks were all soviet BMD or T62-72s it sent me thinking what is the worst miss-use of vehicles in film or tv that you have seen :?: :lol: ps they were also using post war cam nets but thats :oops:
  5. I keep one on the front of my fat it keeps the beer cold I was told about this by a vet (I think he was pulling my leg but it works) :lol:
  6. The Queen. Prince Charles shook my hand. Cammila My mate Garry Mason grabed her leg at the VE/VJ event at st James`s park. she was sat (on our Boffers Gun and was going to catch it on the trail) Made Prince Andrew laugh. Fired a 21 gun salute on 25 pdr`s at the 60th aniversary on Jersey for The Queen I belive thats The first time it`s been done by civilians/re-enacters ? Tracked the hellicopter carying Prime Minister Margret Thatcher on her visit to The Falkland Isles and my Number 1 on the Rapier system use to baby sit a girl who did a center fold in a men s mag I wonder if it was ???? :oops:
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