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  1. Hi Graeme, how much including the spacers? Cheers
  2. Hi mate - where did you find them?! Cheers
  3. Fair enough, guess he hasn't got it anymore then!! Cheers
  4. Did this battery ever get bought?/what happened to it?
  5. I might be able to get my hands on a 9x9 complete frame, ill have a word next time i see the person
  6. Leave it with me, need to do some digging but might have one.
  7. Hello mate, have you got sorted with this? Cheers
  8. Hello - Did you acquire a 9x9 tent? I may well have the relevant poles and connectors for a 9x9 but no canvas. Would this be of any interest? Cheers
  9. Absolutely no link to the seller, but just come across a Scammell Explorer on eBay which is looking for a new home. Its in Colchester, Essex and looks in good nic http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1954-Scammell-Explorer-/182324958745?hash=item2a736a1619:g:RlMAAOSwHsRYC0Zq
  10. Yes....i plan to put a GS body back on the red one....all in good time!!! (years!)
  11. Haha both of my trucks have the same general dash setup. You mean on the fire service truck?
  12. I'm based about 5/6 miles north of Cambridge. The dash is different to yours, with circular dials and a fair few of them. I'm pretty sure there was only the 2 variants wasn't there?
  13. Looks in very good condition much the same as my ex fire service one. I'd say you're more than welcome to come and have a look around it any time you're this way.....you might struggle to see though as there is so much crap in the back!! The offer is there though
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