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  1. This Humber is related to a Med Regt RA and the BEF France 1940. I think the lorry in the background is a Crossley, maybe a recovery vehicle or maybe not. It has some poles or tubes mounted on some large brackets mounted across the radiator and other items lower down. But my question is why does it have a civilian registration number as it appears to have arm of service markings ? I assume the Humber registration was military and has been censored although I would have thought it would have has a service number on the bonnet. Maybe it was an impressed vehicle and the civilian numbers on the front plate have been removed. Looks like a cold and wet day.
  2. Crane 6 Ton Lattice Jib, a Jones KL66, ERM 25 BY 57 looking good in green and pictorial markings. I don't know where this was taken, looks like shipping/port crane in background and a warm day. Same crane loading onto maybe a military ramped lighter, In the background on the lighter, I think a 10 Ton workshop, maybe an Thornycroft towing a 4 wheeled generator trailer. And another crane truck but on a truck without a divided cab, so not sure what type that is. AEC 6x6 with Jones KL66 Crane with Lattice jib mounted ERM 00DY01. This vehicle looks fairly new and unused, so maybe these photos was taken around 1960. Could they be in Hong Kong or Malay? Anyway some nice pictures to look at.
  3. That is a nice Ferret! I have a service book about living and serving in Aden written for british solders and their families. Quite a challanging posting in the 1950/60's I dont know about pre 1969 but it has certainly travelled around a bit since 1969 Various locations around BAOR Vehicle Depot Luggershall UK 1978 British Army Training Area Suffield (BATUS) Canada Returned to Luggershall 1983 Vehicle depot Cyprus 1984 Western Sovereign Base Area W(SBA), Akrotiri Cyprus Returned to Luggershall and sold to Joe Hunts & Sons I guess from VD Luggershall. B series
  4. Hi Rosumberg, I would assume the mass x ray trailer would be painted "RAF Blue" with white text. Someone more expert than me could tell you the name of the colour. I dont know how many trailers were converted into mass x ray equipment, I dont know why the RAF converted trailers, the army used three Leyland Beavers around 1956 for the same or very similar purpose. B series
  5. Hi Rosumberg, The video below is of the RAF Coronation review at RAF Oldiham in 1953. At 5.31 in the video there is a good view of a mobile mass X ray trailer on display maybe the one in your photo. Also at 5.39 shown on display is a RAF mobile class room constructed on a 2 wheeled semi trailer (83AU34). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haEe5KfxvUg
  6. Hi Rosumberg, The video below is of the RAF Coronation review at RAF Oldiham in 1953. At 5.31 in the video there is a good view of a mobile mass X ray trailer on display maybe the one in your photo. Also at 5.39 shown on display is a RAF mobile class room constructed on a 2 wheeled semi trailer (83AU34). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haEe5KfxvUg
  7. My 1953 Austin K9 originally built as a GS Cargo, but converted with a unfitted house / Radio body, and held in reserve stocks until disposal has a similar WR number. I purchased this vehicle from a Ruddington auction in 1980, and it still has some white stenciled lettering on the passenger windscreen, which was a common practice at the time.
  8. Hello John, Shipping via Hermes will be £8.00 so that will be £48.00 in total. You could send payment to my Paypal account which is my email address xxxx and let me know when you have sent payment I will get them off to you. If you cannot make payment to paypal, maybe send a cheque payable to Xxxx Bixley xxxxx 01953 xxxxx
  9. Hello John, I would be happy with £20 each, plus postage. They are 3kg each, so Hermes would be best, but I cannot give you an estimate because I dont know your post code. B series
  10. I have had these parts in storage for years, ex US army I think from the 1940 /50's era. This afternoon I have removed the cosmoline from one valve and open the U/J box to photograph. Four valves, covered in cosmoline, marked EATON and IN (I assume that means inlet). Dimentions OD 50.8mm / 2", Length 121.8mm / 4.5", Stem dia 9.5 / 3/8", Collett dia 6.4mm / 1/4" Would be good to know which vehicle or maybe aircraft these would be used on. Also in storage with the valves, but might not be for the same vehicle. Two Joints for propeller shafts. Both new old stock, ex USA or British stores, with wax protection. Made by Spicer USA, they are intended to be welded into a propeller shaft tube that has an internal dia of 72.3mm. 4 mounting 10.9mm holes on a 95mm PCD. I dont like scrapping good parts, but if it is not known what they can be used on they are difficult to find a person who can make use of them. Regards B series
  11. Thank you tanknutuk for this information and photos. I have not seen this design of fire tender before, there seems to be quite a few of them constructed. I don't think the army or RAF used this design. There are other vehicles with similar registrations in the Ruddington catalogues e.g. Ruddington sale 80 has a Fordson 3 Ton 6x4 Landmark (airfield identification) truck JUV561 and two Greenbat electric trucks with MLM745 & MLM747 registrations. Maybe the fire tenders and these other vehicles are ex Ministry of Aviation or similar.
  12. On a related subject, in the Ruddingtom catalogue (sale 64 July 1962) I currently have listed on a well known auction site there are vehicles listed as Humber Fire Tender 4x4 with registrations MLM 686, JUV 835 & JUV 839, and I have seen the same vehicle descriptions in other Ruddington catalogues of the early 1960's. I assume these vehicles would be ex Civil Defence or AFS, but do not know what type of vehicles these are, may be because my interest covers military vehicles and not Civil Defence/AFS. I have never seen a 1950's FV1600 type fire tender in use with Civil Defence / AFS, so I assume these fire tenders are based on the WWII era Humber heavy Utility 4x4? Does anyone know? These does seem to have been quite a few of them constructed. I have never seen a picture of a Humber fire tender 4x4, but maybe I have missed them. Next Ruddington catalogue I will be listing is sale number 80 October 1965. Regards, B series.
  13. Re: interest in postwar vehicle sales If anyone is collecting old WD/ OSDD Ruddington catalogues, I have been selling my duplicates over lock down. I currently have sale no 64 from July 1962 listed for the next few days on a well known auction site. B series
  14. That's interesting! That must be the historical display Regt. I would like a look around their vehicle stores depot.
  15. Regarding the lamp JA2348 posted by ploughman: This lamp can be found in VAOS section J1 Camp Equipment 1946 Traffic Control Equipment I have a similar later version which I purchased as NOS in original box maybe 30 years ago. It is JA0999 dated 1954. It has a rotatable 3 colour internal lens (Red, Blue,Amber and clear), and an adjustable wick arrangement. It has IMO two design flaws, 1) that after 30 minutes use, the heat from the lamp means the handle is to hot to pick up resulting in a bad burn, but you only do it once, and 2) the glass lens is mounted proud of the lamp body meaning one slight knock and the lens is damaged. I understand it was standard issue to the Army Railway units, but it could have been used to control any type of traffic. I have no use for such a lamp, but it is very nice and quality made object, which is why I obtained it. I would have thought these lamp suffered from a lot of damage in use, there is no protection for the edge of the beveled glass lens which stands proud of the lamp body. One slight knock and the glass lens will be damaged.
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