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  1. Thank you all for your assistance, so much knowledge on this forum. I have another old can, I do not know if it is military, but it has military appearance with the reinforced corner protectors. It is steel with brass fittings, a complicated design involving 20 components soldered together. No markings, and no evidence of any paint finish. Size H 9 1/2 x 5 1/4 x 7 inch. Is this a WW II "flimsey" or similar?
  2. Thank Clive & Richard for the info you have provided. I have an original VAOS Identification list/catalogue, sections E3 thru KG. and also W3, dated 1946, however this Bottle/Tin is not listed in Section J1 Camp Equipment which is why I did not know its background. Maybe it is because I do not have subsection JA. Does VAOS normally list all items available, or only those shown on the Plate illistrations? There must be a good reason why the container has such a high centre of gravity, especially if it contained methylated spirit. It is very unstable unless on a flat & le
  3. I have a new old stock ex British army container for storing some type of liquid. Due it's unusual shape I think it must have been designed to fit in a very cramped space, maybe an AFV. Due to it's height versus base ( H 10 3/4 x W 1 1/2 x L4 1/4 inch) it is very unstable, and must have been prone to spillage during use. Steel with brass fitting and cap. Markings are: JA 0220 14MB, the government pheon/arrow and date 1962. Does anybody know which vehicle or equipment this is related to? Many thanks B Series
  4. Hi all, Good see someone taking this Karrier K6 on. Not many around now. This Karrier K6 ( 16YY18) was for sale back in 2012 in very similar condition as current. A rare vehicle worth saving.
  5. Thank you Richard I will do a little research about Triumph TRW motorcycles. Below are some more carbs which I would like to know the application. Carb No 4 Zenith. Made in USA. Cast iron throttle body with ali upper body. No ID numbers except "20" in throttle body casting. Carb No 5 This carb is unusual in that it has no makers name. It is large and "Heavy Duty " construction, the die cast aluminium body sections are twice the thickness that would be normal, and with a cast iron throttle body it weighs 2.7kg. It has a manual choke, and
  6. Well yes it is Gordon_M. Congrats. The object is a turtle replica made of heavy gauge copper with internal space for an explosive device and trigger, and provide a visual attraction. Around 1960/61 the NSA & CIA instigated Project Mongoose. NSA 5412/2 Group planted several of these turtles in the bay that Fidel Castro liked to dive in, and it was hoped that he would be attracted to one and pick it up and set off an explosion, but for some reason the idea did not work. I guess he was not into turtles. The idea seems over complicated to me, there must have been a much easier a
  7. Sorry for my mistake mtskull, I should not have added clues after drinking wine! , You are correct with Cuba as location.
  8. I have some carburetors which as far as I know are from ex army surplus sales held during the early 1960's, and some appear to be NOS. But I do not which vehicles they would be used on. There is always someone on HMVF who can assist. Carb No 1 Zenith, Made in USA. Updraft type. 1 7/8 inch throttle bore. Cast iron body with 2E cast into body. Weighs 6kg. Has ID No : S311 & x79. Carb No 2 AMAL Ltd, 360/7 This is a used carb I think, maybe for a small generator or similar. Carb No3 Solex
  9. Good try, but not the Vietnam war which was fought around 80 degrees W, but same era and more around 100 degrees E. Who deployed it, what was it purpose? B series
  10. Zero Five Two, not correct until you got to the "meant to look like a turtle underwater".
  11. Well, John F is on the right track with 2nd paragraph, but wrong era in 1st paragraph..
  12. Now the dark evenings are with us, often means more time indoors, less workshop time. Clive / FV1602 often has mystery objects to entertain us, therefore he does not have to chance to join in. So I thought I would post an object for consideration. Anyone take a guess at who used this, where and what for etc? Clive is such an expert he most likely will come up with an NSN, and an the operators manual for this object. 1st clue, it is approx 20 inches long. B series
  13. Below is an exhibit at the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, located in Moscow which I visited in 2011. My translator was struggling with the description (she had not come across dozers before), but it was made by apprentices at a engineering school, it is either made from silver, or silver plated. Impressive model, at approx 24 inch in length, and must very heavy. Like many exhibits in this museum, they are not covered or protected like you would see in Europe, you can touch them, and also on the day I visited (Saturday) it was empty, no visitors or staff arou
  14. Nice model of an unknown (by me) russian motorcycle. It is approx 12" long from memory, fully working including engine and gearbox. All original materials recreated. B series
  15. The photo posted by mtskull looks to be a similar vehicle, I am now thinking that the one at the russian museum is later chassis with either an original body or recreated body. I am not familar with WWI vehicles, but I did not expect to see the names Armstrong, Whitworth and Fiat in a description for a single vehicle. Anyway thanks for the input. I have a mounted set of WWI eraWills's cigarette cards, one of which shows an armoured car with similar layout, but with different design details. B Series
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