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  1. Thanks to all who have responded to my questions. I have sent a request to Bannister's for parts availability, but no reply yet. But in light of the comments made by Clive and I suspect that one part is missing because the filter has been changed from one type to another and item 19 seal is just missing. My Champ is fitted with a Tecalemit oil filter housing, and originally it would have had a filter element as shown in plate A 13 item 20 below from the parts book. However when I removed the old filter it was a felt element type, as shown in plate A12 below,
  2. Hello Billh35, The 9 on the yellow circle is the vehicle bridge number, it equates approx to the loaded mass of the vehicle. The mass calculation is not so simple, but fair to say the loaded vehicle would be approx 9 Tons. A vehicle is not allowed to cross a bridge that displays a lower rating number than the vehicle bridge plate, also subject to vehicle spacing. I do not know what the 8 relates to, maybe bus 8, it looks to me as if the 500 is on a two colour background divided diagonally, with a white bar below, someone will know which formation this relates to. B Series
  3. I thought I would change the oil and filter on my Champ, because it has not been done for a least 20 years due to being laid up, and I do not know previous servicing history. Bust I must say the oil looked very clean, as new really. Purchased a new filter element from Marcus Glenn, but on removal of the used one I noticed that some parts where missing. I am missing items 18 & 19 shown on the fig below which means the filter element does not seal to the top casting and leaves the lower area unsealed, allowing oil to bypass the filter element completley. Questions:
  4. I am sure he did, I think the problem was there was no way of starting the search, as far as is known she died in the Pietermaritzberg area. I imagine civilian communications in 1943 would have been difficult between Iraq / Palestine and South Africa, especially as he was in Iraq & TransJordan and his father was in Palestine at the time. But there must have been some kind of communication about her death from somewhere because the date of death is known. But as it was expected that Palestine would be overrun by either the Russians or the Germans, he and his father prepared to escap
  5. Hello Rootes 75, I agree it is a sad ending to a life of service to the British Empire. But I think many of that generation and the next had very disrupted lives due to wars and government service overseas. As for her son, after he and his wife relocated from Iraq to the UK in the early 1960s, they became good friends of mine for 48 years. He died 19th April 2020 aged 98 or 99. Some while ago he asked me to upload some of his many albums of photographs together with his detailed notes on to the web so that the images and the events would not be lost forever. He and his wife had
  6. Thank you Rick for instructing us the vehicle is a Rolls Royce tender, I did not know that. Interesting that the nurses had such quality vehicles available. Maybe my photograph depicted some special journey or event, but I do not know.
  7. With the commencement of WWII it was expected that the German Afrika Corp would overrun Egypt from the south, and the Russian army would invade from the north, so all British women and young children not in essential occupation had to evacuated, via the Suez Canal to South Africa. Mrs H Graham reluctantly departed Palestine via Suez Canal in 1941. She never saw her husband or son again. Her husband Capt Graham RE and later Chief Engineer Palestine Railways was required to stay at his posting because the railway system was deemed essential work. At age 18 their son was not clas
  8. The SS Orama on 12 September 1937 leaving Haifa for UK on what would turn out to be a record breaking 5 day run. This was the "school boat" taking children back to UK boarding schools. Mrs Graham son sailed on this journey, and then onto boarding school. Master Graham attended Ardvreck School in Crieff from summer 1931, and Loretto School in Musselburgh 1935-39, Scotland. Mrs Graham's son outside the Royal Bank of Scotland branch, Skye, Scotland 1938. He was later to join the Royal Engineers and serve during WWII on the Hafia- Baghdad military road (see British v
  9. Engineer Graham standing on bridge looking at another problem, washout on the Nablus Line on 10 Feburary 1935. Another view showing the twisted track. Mr Graham and his son aged 14 with their new red Morris 10-6 on the Nazareth Road 10 June 1935. Graham junior was self taught driving this car on the desert roads of Palestine. The negative has been processed using a book of Kodak colour swatches which was a very early way of colouring negatives during home film development. In 1938 the family took extended leave and visited the UK to see friend
  10. There is more to the story; The caption to this photograph is: Light Ford Ganger's trolley which has it it's own turntable, passing over temporary bridge repairs. British military patrol with pick up converted for railway use at Kilometer 142.225 On the Hedjaz Railway, a washed out bridge at Makarram in the Yarmuk Valley, Trans Jordan Feburary 1935. Engineer Graham up on the line wondering what to do about it. Hedjaz Railway, washout at Kilometer 345.822 between Amman and Ma'an, Trans Jordan 11 November 1937. This was a near thing
  11. British military operated Ford V8 truck converted with armoured body. Mr Davies of the Permanent Way Instutution (P.W.I.), with the red flag. The PWI was staffed by the Australian Railway Construction and Maintenance Group at the request of the British government. Palestine Two Ford V8 armoured trucks coupled together for fast speed in either direction "sweeping" the line. The overhead guard is for protection against bombs thrown from bridges and cuttings. July 1938 Palestine.
  12. TransJordan Frontier Force Camels at Ma'an, TransJordan March 1928 The children in Ft Lt Cook's aircraft in hanger at the RAF station at Amman, TransJordan 1927. Vickers machine gun at the ready. Mr Graham's 3rd car a Morris Oxford 16 hp, it seems this vehicle might have been a type modified for export markets. It was a Morris Commercial chassis with four wheel brakes, fitted with a Morris touring 10 hp body, The RAF used the same specification for staff cars, which is why the Graham's selected this vehicle because it used common spares and cou
  13. Soldier Graham during WW I in Sinai, Royal Engineers. Soldier John Graham and Sister Helen married circa 1920 at the Military Offices, Cairo, Egypt. They then lived in the Suez Canal Zone, Trans Jordan and later Palestine. They had a son John who led interesting life which I have briefly detailed in a thread in British vehicles titled 75 CRE (Works) RE Palestine Trans Jordan WWII. Mrs Graham with son and Hassan their Gaffir / watchman Kantara 1922 Nurse / Mrs Graham and husband J P Graham, this was his 1st car, a Ford Model T at the Suez Canal fe
  14. Bit of background information to set the scene. Sister Helen Greenhalgh was from Lancashire and trained as a nurse, and around 1914 joined the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Corps. After additional training she was posted to Alexandria, Egypt. British and Australian casualties from the Gallipoli campaign and the landing of troops at Cape Helles in April 1915 were transported to Alexandra for treatment in several hospitals in the area. The journey from UK to Alexandria, via Marseilles & Malta was on the troop ship HMT Aragon, accompanied by des
  15. Here is an official photograph of a Hamilcar glider taken in August 1943. On the reverse of the photograph it is stamped in several places with the AM & crown symbol and with the word Reserved below. It is marked 12.353c, and dated. I don't know if there is anything unusual about this particular Hamlicar that required a photo, maybe it is the first production model. B Series
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