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  1. Looking for the counterbalance section as per picture. Picture credited to IWM
  2. I have the sof (kc)british walled tent. All good no issues.
  3. So the above museum are looking at allowing wartime mvs to park out the front of the museum on the 1st june enroute on your journey to france rather than the car park round the back. Free tea will be provided and i believe free entry to the newly refurbished museum. So they are looking at holding this offer on the 1st june 19. I am just guaging interest for them. Can i have a show of hands please if this is something you would/could be interested in? Thank you
  4. Anyone know if its discounted entry for veterans as per last year? I have asked them via fb and their website but no reply at all. I guess i will have to phone....
  5. Yes but you do get a courtesy wipe from a member of the cleaning squad.
  6. If its bog standard beach group colours....
  7. £60 Buyer collection or pick up from the overlord show Great condition
  8. So i am looking to see how much one of these is worth please. Thank you
  9. My mate is after selling these cookers. Tbh i am not up on prices only what ive seen on ebay. They are sold as seen and not tested. If you are interested let my have your thoughts on prices. I would suggest a local pick up or from a show as the double burner is heavy. Anyway....over to you.
  10. Thank you both....is that expensive £65 as i got my last set out a skip. Im using them as a couple of flap poles
  11. I am on the look out for what i call a mast set...it may not be that at all!. Mine is complete as pictured but im after another or elements of. Cheers
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