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My car died.


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I was worried about the Renaul'Express's MOT due in august but the issue resolved itself when the headgasket blew and repairing it is way expensive (and then still the MOT).


I was suppose to drive it to Beltring so now I have to buy another similar car.

Things were looking up because after years of unemployment I have a 32 hour p/week job for 1 year, minimumwage. But with 1000E per month I'm not swimming in money.


Always nice to get a kick in the gut when trying to get up in life....


Now where is my lotterywin when I need it?


(Sorry to whine to you people)

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The problem is mainly room, fuel-economy/price and taxes.

Roadtaxes are charged according to weight and fuel.

Diesel fuel is cheap and more MPG but roadtaxes are higher than gas.

Gasoline is more expensive and less MPG but lower roadtax.


I need a van type car, Diesel and not too heavy so not much choice.

The Renault was about 130Euro taxes every semester.


I am looking into other make with similar type car but weight increases I fear.

Also the bying price must be low.


So basically a catch 22.

Getting a bit annoyed by the problem everybody has....MONEY.


I am driving my brothers Jeep to work now.

I can borrow a car from work, think I'll organise that next week.

So that gives me more time.

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bloody cars

mine blew on the way to Bolero... never got there!

next one got vandalised about 3 weeks after getting the darn thing!



purrs like a kitten always starts and loves me in a special way


Get down the scrap yard & find a cheapie... more often than not theres cars at our yard with loads of MOT test still on 'em


work cars are great... they thrive on abuse and neglect

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It's all an anti Renault plot.


Good to see some things are on the up. Shame about the car. My fleet always spread joy. I whacked the Toyota putting it in my garage (124 quid), the Iltis drains money and faith and is about to go (yippeeee), the Renault 5 drank petrol but was a fantastic drive (sorely missed) and the new Mini is a girls car, I won't drive it unless I have to. The boss does. She rules.



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I've spent a small fortune this year rebuilding the steering and suspension on my Discovery to try and cure steering shakes, only to find it still did it after a lot of work and parts.


Turned out that some of the "new" parts i fitted (out of the box) were sub-standard. Mr Catweazle did some sterling work on it (correcting my mistakes and sorting dodgy components), which improved the steering no end, but I then found the shakes were still there! The steering damper I had bought and fitted was no good. Another new damper has finally cured it.

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Good man, make it spektackliar.


What day, though? My mob of Southend idiots wait with baited breath.




Both days...


Incidentally we'll all be at Wellington Barracks for the Combat Stress charity evening on May 1. Anyone else going?



What's this then????

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Combat Stress is a MoD supported charity offering succour to the folks who've had a hard time of it in recent years. The black tie event at Wellington Barracks includes some army boxing matches (no interest to me),auctions and so on. One of my top mates, a former Royal Anglian sergeant, paid a grand for our table and there will be ten of us basically getting w4nkered in one of the messes or wherever. I hope I don't spend all my Beltring money.



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