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Chieftains-cold war reserve


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I was aware that we had chieftains as a cold war reserve .and remember them being serviced annually . But when the government decided their retention was not necessary i believe they were sold off at about 10k a machine.

I had expected to see them entering the hobby as an affordable tank ..but haven't seen them in any numbers .

So a few questions 

How many chieftains s did we have in the reserve

And after the government sold them ..where have they all gone ?






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You have to bear in mind that when Chieftain went out of service in the 1980s you were not allowed to buy ex-MOD armour if the end user was the MOD.

The first 6 Ferrets in private ownership here were imported from the Hong Kong Police by Mike Hoffman. At the time I couldn't buy even a Shorland, but was lucky enough to find one that had ended up with an end user other than the MOD.

It is easy to forget how lucky we are these days with such restrictions lifted.

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