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Vehicles in Eygpt 1941

Tony B

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Can anyone please identify these? Apart from the OY. They are photos taken in 1941/2 by a friends father who was RASC. My friend has been knid enough to lend me the pictures to copy. Can anyone suggest why the tanks are covered?


The car is a Canadian Ford C11ADF, and were popular in the Desert. It had the Canadian 24 stud Ford V8 engine, and was 4x2.


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Why are tanks covered?



Undoubtedly to prevent the enemy from spotting them. At the time they were building up forces for an offensive, while the Germans were led to believe the forces were positioned elsewhere. During the same period tanks were camouflaged as lorries with canvas superstructures etc.



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:| The tanks on the Diamond Ts might not actually be tanks but part of the deception plan moving lots of Lorry's that looked like tanks and vice-versa and lots of phony ammo sumps supply depots


I thought of that, have you read the Jasper Mascalin book Magic top Secret, about all the stunts he pulled with the Magic gang in North Africa, including making the Suez Canal disappear?. Joy of these is they are unofficial photos and dated on the back. most of these are 1941.
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