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Posting Deacts


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Has anyone bought a deact by mail order? They are advertised in the gun magazines so they must send them somehow!?



I'll ring my local gun shop and see who they use.


i never bought thru mail order i always go a pick em up or get em from fairs.


what about DHL they are normally very good



No they don't either, I get mine from fairs and shows to.

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we just use royal mail at the local post office, never been asked whats in parcel so never told them last one posted was german mg & tripod each pkg was about 5 ft long & about 2 ft circumferance.


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There is no restrictions on posting deacs with Parcel Force... once a firearm has been deactivated it ceases to be a Firearm ...


No mention of deacs in there policies...




All types of ammunition are prohibited from being sent using any of the Services. Section 1 and 2 arms and firearms may be permitted for Zone 1 to Zone 1 collections and deliveries for account Customers only, subject to prior written agreement being provided by Parcelforce Worldwide to the Customer, such agreement to be given at Parcelforce Worldwide's absolute discretion.


Zone 1 to Zone 1 Collections and deliveries of Section 1 and 2 arms and firearms will only be accepted where it can be shown to Parcelforce Worldwide's satisfaction that both the Customer and the addressee are registered firearm dealers. All types of firearms are prohibited from import and export to and from the UK.

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I bought a GPMG from Xfire a short while ago sent from UK to Spain via TNT no roblem what so ever. Took exactly a week to get to me. two days after that I received the rounds for it (can't be carried legally in same package).

Any problem speak with Pete at http://www.xfire.com.uk






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