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  1. But thats a business then when ours isnt? I will give them a go
  2. Today problem is insuring a business building for private use! Cant find anyone as yet
  3. Thanks What do you tell the council and how do you describe it to the insurance?
  4. Just wondering been looking at a building, its currently with planning as industrial use we are looking at using it as a private workshop for repairs / storage of the fleet, so any issues? How do you insure it? Just need the building and tools, vehicles will be insured separately
  5. Yes it is I contacted Jupiter Pumps, who where very helpful, an Ex Navy lad in work has used them when all systems are down they can be used for all sorts, bilges fuel basic hydraulics etc. Very clever how they work with a crank and two pistons I think it will go in the sales section when I get time to give it a polish and take some better photos, I am told they are £3000 new! I did se one ex MOD one at a surplus place for £400, still expensive though
  6. Fantastic job you have done, you should be very proud of it
  7. I picked this up with some junk I bought, never seen one before and very little info on line? I did find mention of military use? It looks very well made too, so any one seen one ?
  8. Could you not use a water proof Albrite solenoid? I feel these are one of the best quality around https://www.albrightinternational.com
  9. I have messed around with a few winches but not seen one of these in the flesh. Do you have an image? I suspect it would be cheaper to buy an imported one that looks the same and stick the correct badge on it as some winches are worth more than the vehicle. Unless you are going to use it? A few years ago I missed out out on a scrap Unimog the guy bought it for the winches and crawler box
  10. So its off to Ebay should I ask £20? £1000?
  11. It put up a fight but its off, the inside of the wing is RAF blue but other parts are red on the inside?
  12. Thanks could you give me some sort of price clue? £20 £100 ?
  13. Thanks very much for all your help. I will get some oil on the bolts ready for removal as I think its off to Ebay what should we ask?
  14. Hello Ruxy Here is another photo of the base we haven't a clue about it. The vehicle it was attached to was a 60s Land Rover not sure if it was series 2 or 2A as we think the wings are the same. My Son is open to offers for the Bob restoration fund. Bob has the wrong front end amongst other ailments and is well and truly emptying his pockets!. I am sure some one will be along in a moment and tell us exactly what it is Google wont tell me?
  15. Just got this info from the name plate PV1415 Plessey Avionics & Communications 50W Wideband C.F. Antenna matching unit 30-100MHz
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