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Matador, RL or something else?


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I still regret not buying the RL I was offered a few years ago.

So my son and I are thinking of buying a Matador? So should we go for one or something else?

Limited Budget so ideally a running restoration?

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Not enough information - depends what you're trying to do, how much you have to spend (noting limited budget), how involved you want to get, whether you want WW2 or post-war, and so on.

I would say this though - R types are great trucks, fun to drive, very capable and the bit of extra speed makes all the difference. If you're on a limited budget they're more affordable than a Matador, and if you still regret not buying one it sounds like unfinished business.

I may be biased though:




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It will just be a toy really just taking it for a ride out and possibly the odd local meet. Don't want and cant afford a concourse one, just a running restoration. i think the budget would be around £4000

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