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Latest War & Peace Re-enactment Display.


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It has come to the attention of the CanadianScottish Formation Beer Drinking Display Team Committee, that a certain Stalwart owning member of this forum is taking his reenacting a bit too far.

Far be it for me to criticise, however, Neil. I do think that a little constructive critique is in order :evil:


A three wheel Landrover, whilst green, is in no way a suitable substitute for a GMC.


The main drag through Americas Field in no way resembles the A31, even if Lee was on hand to field boundry wheels.


Your speed, approach and angle of attack was all wrong


Last, but by no means, least. There was no pink cushion in evidence


I'm sure if you speak to Jack, he will be able to help you to improve your impression, after all. We owe it to all those veterans who have gone before us to get it right.




CanadianScottish will be providing a beer can contents testing service at W&P this year. Don't get caught out by a faulty beer can! :beer:

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He arrived yesterday with loose nuts :schocked:, seems like his local green machine appreciation society has been at it again, little toe rags.


I'm not convinced though :evil:, if you ask me he was trying to emulate our glorious leader. I suspect having seen the generous donations made to the Essex Boys wheelnappers and shunters club collection box, he has come up with a novel way of financing his armour fetish :whistle: :-D :-D..



CanadianScottish wil be providing a beer can contents testing service at W&P this year. Don't get caught out by a faulty beer can :beer:.

(Sorry Clive)

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'Fraid so folks...... Went for an MOT on the Friday morning and all was well. Between then and leaving for W&P on the Sunday evening some nast piece of <CENSORED> loosened every wheel nut on the N/S of my Landie!! It's always the N/S because the garden wall hides them from the road and the vehicle hdes them from the house in the banjo....


Anyways - we just got onto the M20 doing about 40mph when a loud clunking noise came from the front. just had time to think "what the hell's that" when the N/S front corner dropped and the wife said "thats oour front wheel rolling down the road". Managed to steer the Landie onto the hard shoulder whilst a Defender driver saw what had happened, kept pace with the wheel and nudged it back when it tried to drift into the carriageway - I had a quarter mile trot to get it back (each way). Then had the joy of trying to get the axle high enough to refit the wheel using the standard landie screw-type bottle jack... Mean time the daughter found one wheel nut in the inside carriageway and retreived it without getting flattened so I pinched a nut off of the other three wheels leaving me 4 nuts on each - then we took a SLOW drive to the show... When I checked the N/S rear wheels nuts they were barely finger tight.

I suppose I'll report it to the Plod as usual but I doubt they will do anything - again...........


Got replacement nuts for the missing ones at the show and the journey home was fine.

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Shame you can't wire your nuts up,............. :whistle: (preffrably to the mains).


Glad you and yours are OK, though.


Just a thought, and I've no idea if its feasable or even affordable,........can you not look into a couple of those things wheel clampers use, -caravans, also;..............my reasoning behind this is they have a plate that hides the wheel nuts.



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Shame you can't wire your nuts up,............. :whistle: (preffrably to the mains).



I'm fairly sure there are clubs you can go to for that :-D


Seriously, I bumped into you Neil on Friday at the show and told me about this. That sort of immature malicious behaviour really makes my wee boil. I'm a nice person but if that ever happened to me I would be on the the phone to the mob to get tips on how to carry out a really pointed vendetta. :evil: >:(

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Neil, the way I see it you have two choices

1. Do not buy the OT-90 and use the money to move house, in which case the idiots have won???


2. I do not condone violence but in this case I would, you must have people around that area that does "work" for cash in hand quietly. :-D

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