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  1. the second guess is nearer the truth....................all those Brussel Sprouts :shocked: :-D Yes Ashley it was a great run - a little more sun would have been good, but hey ho at least it was dry this year.
  2. If any one is interested in becoming involved collecting for Poppy Day next year and putting this shamfull situation to rights use this link http://www.poppy.org.uk/index.php/poppy-people-wanted.html and get signed up now. :-D We have taken the tins and trays of poppys every where we go - not just standing / parking outside PC World and the like. But be ready to explain just what it is all about as the ignorance about the poppy appeal is quite staggering.:confused:
  3. My suggestion for what it is worth is get in touch with Ian Hambridge - he and his very hard working group at Maiden Newton put on an excelent event this year and the location prety much fits the bill for the type of event that you seem to be outlining. So there you go - Maiden Newton, Dorset. fantastic village, amazing history and a lot of war time fortifications still in place all allong the line of the railway. They even get the road closed for the weekend.
  4. Total agree with that sentiment Ashley. Lets do it while we can :-D We have always tried to make any show we attend fit the bill for us - if it is a static show we will put out a display of equipment, including wepons related to the vehicle on show. we man this and have a great time talking to people about it. We have both been very privaliged to hear some of the stories from veterans that have been sparked by our display. We also greatly enjoy the weekend at Buckfastliegh - this is held primarily for the participants - but again members of the public a most welcome to come and look around. There are several road runs held over the weekend which you can join in if you wish. there are also fantastic camps set up by the re-enactors and the back drop of the station all in 1940s trim is wonderful. as Ashley stated above some shows are best for parking up your vehicle and spending time jawing with friends. We enjoy the mix of event types. must stop rambling - To sum up I belive you will only get out what you put in.
  5. :bow::beer::banana::dancinggirls::banana::clap: Didn't they do well .
  6. YOKEL the first word that came into my head on reviewing the previous submisions :-D
  7. :rofl: :rofl: Foolish Boy PS anyone want a slightly damaged and mud stained pink cushion?????
  8. Recoil Gentle............do not understand the word gentle
  9. Sorry :sweat: What about Overthrow
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