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  1. Morning all, Sorry for the delays with this, life etc. So I have finally got my two documents back that I would prefer from the MOD release. This took a long time for the documents to appear which I would assume through COVID and holidays. Sadly they proved little to no difference in the plan but it doesn't hurt to get them to make sure. Both documents fully photographed to make sure I got all the details which has in depth information about the failures etc. If I have time I will write it all up into a word document if anyone is actually interested. The final drawings are back now and
  2. Backing plate curved as per original bud. They have been designed off the old pad to be a 1:1 replacement part. The only thing that will be different is the thread moved to metric as this will lower the cost of the production. Each pad comes with all fittings as well which is useful. Please see snippet of one of the drawing which shows the backing plate. Thanks
  3. Hello all, Just to keep this all updated and show this isnt a pipe dream! Got a final set of drawings back from the factory. I am now in the process of working out how to bill anyone who is interested in the pads so that we can get the process made and get the final price per pad nailed down. As mentioned at the start I am not in this to make any money at all and just want to help everyone out if possible! Getting a new supply of pads would be a great benefit I feel to the community. If you know anyone who wants to join in on the order now is the time. As once I have committed to the
  4. Hey mate all is quiet at the moment, this will be something that is happening next year, the pad has been sent with my CAD files across to the factory. Triple checking everything before I commit to paying for the mould. Once I get the go ahead I will be then working out a complete and open way of invoicing and sourcing finalised pricing and quantities for all of those who are interested and then its generating the invoices! Hope this helps. I was hoping to hear back from them in the 2nd week of December so I should have a good plan ahead of the new year. It also allows me to get a test
  5. All CET parts now sold, have 3 props left, started to let them go for £100. Will take an offer for all 3 to make space.
  6. I am hoping for more news on this next week.
  7. The pads at current I am working with are at being rated at 95a shore. Thanks
  8. Good evening all, sorry to be late reply. Firstly in reply to you diesel1 this would not be a problem to sort out your VAT Claim. Please drop me a message if you could with what you would like. Terry I have reached out and spoken to this gentleman from Australia who has assisted me with this. We have been talking about manufacturing costs and shipping with taxes makes it just as expensive as buying the NOS pads that you can currently buy from online auction sites and other vendors. It was because of this I decided that I would do something in the UK as its almost a 50% saving
  9. Figured I would see if any of this of any use to you before listing elsewhere. I have 2 CET Swing arms NOS from withams and are no longer of any use to me. £100 for both. 4 x CET Hydraulic tanks with fittings. They have dip sticks, filler caps and fittings. £100 for all four. I also have some props I made for a railway wartime weekend and are replica 88mm Shells. Please see the photos. They are made of steel and with being props for throwing about are not perfect but are a bit different. They are fairly heavy so I would prefer to deliver them. Got 8 of them. With the moulding and fabri
  10. No problem you have my email so if you find out message me through there if you would like. I should have answers by this week!
  11. Hey all, just as a bit of a post to gauge interest. I am currently weighing up the options of manufacturing new pads subject to testing them on a vehicle. I have made the drawing in CAD and approached several companies. But before I take this idea any further who would actually be interested in this venture? This is purely so I can go to the company with numbers as to how many I would like to make. The more we get the cheaper it gets. Currently I haven't made the final calculations but the prices seem to be between about the £11-15 a pad mark. Maybe if there's more it will be even ch
  12. Sindorf is the name of the ones in Holland. Want to see what is in the UK first, Sindorf vehicles basically become a nice benchmark for what I can get with my budget
  13. Wanted FV434 and any associated spares. Finally decided this is the vehicle I would like. Please let me know if you have one for sale in the next coming weeks/months and get in touch. I could also be interested in any spare parts you may have lying around. I am currently based in the NW in Cheshire. I can travel to visit/view. Running vehicle is a must. Thank you.
  14. Sorry for the delayed reply its taken me a while to dig through the papers. Sadly I only have the snippets when I sold it on. So thats a dead end on my end
  15. Not sure to be honest 2014 is in line with when I sold it last so could just mean it's not been used anywhere on the roads since then?
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