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A&E 2016 press release :-)


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Chums - sorry for delay but we have been waiting to tie up some cool lose ends.......so here we go:




Wargaming is the Official Sponsor for the Armour & Embarkation historic military vehicle road run on the roads of Dorset 18th-19th June 2016



12/04/2016 — Wargaming today announced that they are sponsoring Armour & Embarkation historic military vehicle road run. The roads of Dorset have been quiet for a number of years, but this summer sees the return of the legendary Armour & Embarkation historic military vehicle road run with 10 tanks, half-tracks, armoured vehicles, heavy trucks, tracked vehicles, Jeeps and motorbike outriders.



During months of anticipation ahead of the D-Day landings on June 6th 1944, the highways and byways of Dorset were the scene of an immense build-up of military hardware ahead of the invasion. Armour & Embarkation takes us back to those amazing times with a road run of tanks and other military vehicles on the very roads used by Allied units as they gathered for the invasion. It is an event unique to Dorset where authentic weaponry from World War II runs in convoy on public roads with full support from local communities and public services. The event is based at the

wartime camp D5, in the Village of Broadmayne to support their 1940s weekend. The village was used as a marshalling camp for many thousands of men for the D-Day invasion.



Jack Beckett goes on to say: “It seemed very fitting to have one of the biggest gaming companies in the world support and sponsor Armour & Embarkation. Wargaming have done so much to conserve and promote our WWII history. We are more than honoured to have them alongside us for the event. They will help bring our hobby and our WWII history to a massive audience.”





Richard Cutland, Head Of Military Relations Europe



“At 15 minutes past midnight on June 6 1944 began what was officially code-named Operation Overlord. But from that day on, the historic event became known simply as D-Day. Preparations for the long-awaited second front in Western Europe had depended upon intensive and meticulous military planning with more men, vessels, aircraft and equipment than had ever been seen before. This was the biggest invasion force ever assembled. This event will enable spectators to get a real taste of history. As both a retired soldier and a Wargaming employee I am extremely proud that, as a

Company; we are sponsoring this WWII tank ‘experience’ to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the build-up of D-Day in Dorset , England.”



This year’s event will see over ten World War II tanks and heavy armour, including the mighty Shermans and tank destroyers and in excess of forty other classic military vehicles thundering along the roads and lanes of Dorset with a scheduled stop to see our friends at the Tank Museum, Bovington, and a starring role in this year’s Dorchester carnival on Saturday June 18th.


On the following day there will be two convoys, with one section taking part in the parade for Weymouth Veterans Weekend and the other visiting Castletown, Portland; for the opening of a World War II museum. Castletown is where all the vehicles embarked for D-Day.



Now that we are live with this press release, we can now start taking bookings this week for vehicles. Will start to another thread on that but A&E 2016 looks like it is going to be something special.


Thanks for your patience everyone.


Jack, Jim & Adrian :-)

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