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  1. Will be working in the workshops at Bovington that week-end , look forward to seeing you all .
  2. Why travel all the way to France ? I have one for half the price of that one , mind you it does have a seized engine .
  3. Hi , welcome to the site , sure you will find it full of interesting people and information
  4. In a number of wartime photos I've noticed the off side headlamp has been removed and replaced with the bridge plate , just wondered how common this practice was ?[ATTACH=CONFIG]95030[/ATTACH]
  5. I'm there as well Joel , getting the Marmite ready for you Allan
  6. Thanks for posting that ,just tried doing the same for my 1942 Willys ,suppose I will just have to do the same and wait until M.O.T. runs out .My reminder has Tax Class .. Historical Vehicle ,, needs appropriate M.O.T. certificate ????????
  7. Its been announced that they hope to have her flying for two more years .
  8. Had the fun of restoring the one at Bovington Tank Museum , now I get to drive her during displays , shes my baby
  9. No idea who he is ,but he also has a shop on e-bay under the name (Mod Edit: username removed) if that helps ?
  10. Was always told " aerials is what you wash your clothes in , they is ANTENNAE " Said using your best Winsor Davies voice
  11. Thank for the info ,,,, had my eye on a compass he was selling
  12. Bit of a long shot chaps ,,,,,,, but does anyone know the name,address of the trader who was there ,,, the one by the first aid display ,,, cheers
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