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Corgi insurance


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Morning all


Just wanted to pick your brains about insuring an un road registered corgi to display and ride around the arena at shows. Spoken to who we insure our military vehicles with - Carole Nash, they don't offer anything suitable except when the bike is static or in transite.


Thank you!

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A few areas to explore but the best route would be to insure the vehicle with a military vehicle specialist .check they offer show cover..the vehicle. Would need registering for road use but is likely to be both tax and mot exempt....in essence licence.tax and insure it for road use...check with the broker.insurer the show.cover will be sufficient..









UOTE=Lindsay;453732]Thanks Tony. I have rung round so many different insurers and drawn a blank. Tried Cherished but couldn't get through to them this afternoon, will try again tomorrow. Have also tried a specialist bike insurer who think they maybe able to help!

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Firstly, apart from a very few that were used as run arounds by the Royal Navy or tested and rejected by the Army a Corgi can't be classed as a military vehicle.


If you need to register the bike with DVLA, your insurance company will insure the bike on the frame number. Some companies will limit the duration of this cover (weeks or months?) I doubt this will cover you for any form of use at all, as in these days of H&S, any vehicle used at a show ground must be legal and the driver should hold the respective driving licence.


I insured my Welbike on the frame number about 17-18 years ago and it's remained like that ever since. But considering that a Welbike isn't road legal in the UK and so can't be registered with DVLA, there is not much option. Again I doubt I'd be covered other than in my shed.


These are the rules as far as I'm aware. However you often see kids riding bikes or blokes driving tracked vehicles at shows who haven't got the correct 'H' licence. None of which bothers me! It's only when something goes wrong that the sh*t can hit the fan.



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They were very good when I brought Katy over. First insured acording to the Foibles of Jersey law, no road tax for years BUT you must display a valid Insurance document on the windscreen. Then covered her when she was in limbo, then on her english plates. All they asked was an e amil at each stage.

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We have had a similar situation with one of our race cars. It has never been road registered and doesn't even have a chassis number. We have had it insured with Footman James as couldn't find anyone else at the time who could cover it. Haven't tried cherished vehicle for this sort of cover but we use them for all the other vehicles and they are very good. The other option is to see if Walker Midgley can help. We use them for our stationary steam engine.




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