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  1. Thanks for all your help guys - it has been invaluable. It is a 1944 WD/Co. I realise this bike was probably not in Africa/Italy but it was in need of restoration and as my Grandfather served as a motorcyclist in the 1st Kings dragoon Guards all through the war, I felt it would be appropriate for me to mark the bike as such. Thanks again Gary.
  2. I'm not sure, but it must have been very similar if not. They were The Royal Dragoons when the Eagle was captured at Waterloo, so possibly the same badge .
  3. Thanks guys. the 2 headed Eagle was the cap badge , but the Regimental insignia was the French Eagle (captured at Waterloo) .This was the one displayed on their vehicles.
  4. I am restoring a ww2 Royal Enfield and would like to use Formation markings/Arms of Service marks etc for the 1st Kings dragoon Guards in Italy about 1944. I believe they used there own regimental sign, a french Eagle in a white rectangle, I think the AoS marks were green over blue with a white 44 and white bar at the top (Armoured car Regiment - Corps troops) and A 7th Armoured Div - Desert Rat sign. Does anyone have any pics of the Eagle etc please? Any advice would be welcome, Many Thanks Gary.
  5. Can anyone please suggest a good supplier for aerosol cans of scc15 late war British vehicle paint ( I think this is the British version of Olive Drab) And does anyone know what the RAL number would be please? Thanks Gary
  6. Wanted Petrol tank for R/Enfield WD/CO ww2 .
  7. Thanks everyone, can anyone suggest where I might find the correct petrol tank please? Gary.
  8. Thank you everyone - this is really interesting! The information I have was supplied by Jan Vandevelde and The M.V.T. I am a bit confused now. Will I have to re -register it with DVLA? thanks, Gary.
  9. No, couldn’t afford them all.
  10. Hi Tom, thank you very much for your help. It was issued to the army in March 44 and came out of a barn with 2 other ww2 bikes in similar condition. It has not been restored I don’t think and still had much of the original equipment- pannier racks etc. It was supposedly returned to R/E factory in 1946 for re-furbishment and being sold off. thanks again Gary
  11. Can anyone please identify the Unit Markings on my WD/CO? Thanks.
  12. Wanted, side stand/spike for Royal Enfield WD/CO
  13. Hi Chris, I take it you mean the nut that attaches the float bowl to the carb? How do I know if I have the correct one or not? Haven't yet had the chance to go for another run yet - so I'll let you know. Thanks Gary.
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