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  1. Can anyone please suggest a good supplier for aerosol cans of scc15 late war British vehicle paint ( I think this is the British version of Olive Drab) And does anyone know what the RAL number would be please? Thanks Gary
  2. Wanted Petrol tank for R/Enfield WD/CO ww2 .
  3. Thanks everyone, can anyone suggest where I might find the correct petrol tank please? Gary.
  4. Thank you everyone - this is really interesting! The information I have was supplied by Jan Vandevelde and The M.V.T. I am a bit confused now. Will I have to re -register it with DVLA? thanks, Gary.
  5. No, couldn’t afford them all.
  6. Hi Tom, thank you very much for your help. It was issued to the army in March 44 and came out of a barn with 2 other ww2 bikes in similar condition. It has not been restored I don’t think and still had much of the original equipment- pannier racks etc. It was supposedly returned to R/E factory in 1946 for re-furbishment and being sold off. thanks again Gary
  7. Can anyone please identify the Unit Markings on my WD/CO? Thanks.
  8. Wanted, side stand/spike for Royal Enfield WD/CO
  9. Hi Chris, I take it you mean the nut that attaches the float bowl to the carb? How do I know if I have the correct one or not? Haven't yet had the chance to go for another run yet - so I'll let you know. Thanks Gary.
  10. Thanks for all your help. I think I may have solved it - I checked everything today and and the plug was very sooty and the points had closed up a bit. I have re-set the points, cleaned and gapped the plug and lowered the needle a notch and it started first kick! Haven't got time to go for a test ride today though.
  11. My 1944 WD/CO is a real pain to get running. The carb has been re-built and it is all the correct jets/settings. It seems to flood very easily. Once it is going it runs really well - just a real pain to get it going! Thanks Gary.
  12. Thanks Ron- not very modern rubber I’m afraid!
  13. What should the tyre pressures be on my Wd/Co for solo and pillion passengers riding please? thanks
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