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  1. Hi Pete

    glad your doing ok. As for the AGM ........well you konw your vice-chair.......well...

    its time to ask if you are willing(?) to take on the chairman's job...please?


    Clive did say that he would have a chat with you at Guides...didn't know you were into that type of dressing up?


    Joking apart, it would be ideal if you think you could do it, and would make for continuity. Perhaps you could have a chat with Clive tomorrow. We wont be there as we are in Belgium wreath laying etc. with the local British Legion.


    Speak to you soon! Love to Sharon and Charlotte

  2. I'm fine - the arms are getting better and better! I've not heard from Clive ref AGM

  3. Hi Peter


    How are you? Has Clive spoken to you re AGM?.........

  4. Doesn't look like your doing any work........

  5. Good Morning Clive


    Am just collecting final numbers for next week .looks like they will be in excess of 40!! Hope the weather will be good!


    I will contact Mike early next week and let him know who's coming. Have spoken to Eddie and he hasn't got a date from Terry. I suggested doing something there next year for our week end away and he thought that would be ok, so we just need to foat the idea past Terry. Perhaps we could do that next Friday if opportunity arrises?


    Hope you are all ok and have a good time at Damyns Hall

  6. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you , happy birthday dear Ian......happy birthday to you!!!!


    God I'm jealous, your so much younger than me!!!!

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