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Now back from a fantastic week in Normandy. 800 miles covered in the Jeep and Bedford and have stiff joints to prove it!! Spent most of yesterday power washing the remains of Utah and Omaha beach off the vehicles.

Met some new people and chatted to Veterans most places we visited. The turn out of WW2 Military vehicles was overwelming!! Highlight for me was running into an Armoured Convoy coming in the opposite direction on a small side road leading from Utah beach. 3 Shermans, 1 Chaffee? plus at least 3 Half Tracks and 3 M8's, lead by 2 WLA's. An amazing site (and sound) indeed!!


Hope all who attended got back ok.



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Hard to believe but back in 2004 at Arromanches one evening a guy was driving a jeep in and out of the sea at quite high speed. Eventually the inevitable happened and the engine died in the water with an incoming tide.

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French polotics reared thier ugly heads. :D One of our guys wanted to take a Jeep onto the beach and was stopped by the Gendarmes. The local population saw what was happening and fetched the Mayor. He tore the Gendarme of a strip telling him the beach was part of the villiage and therefore HIS beach and no upstart shipped up from the south was going to tell people who could and couldn't go on the beach. At this point Gendarme did sensible thing and shoved it up his chain of command, so up turns Gendarme officer. Mayor and Officer have a high speed conversation, with locals chuking in thier Euros worth. Jeep driver mean time is just wanting to be somnewhere else. Problem certain drivers of an unmetioned nationalatiy have been indulging in thier national sport of winding up Gendamierie. The result was Jeep was allowed onto beach with strict instructions to drive carfully and be aware of pedestrians (!):angel:


All round the villiage was heard comments such as 'Upstarts coming in from Marsailles. They should keep thier city ways to themselves'.



We also had trouble with some of the local itenerants trying to breack into vehicles. One got a hell of shock when he opned Katy's door and found me half awake in the back , waving a folding entrenching tool. The local Police attitude? If they are stupid enough to try it on a bunch of guys armed with various tools, just try not to disturb the neighbourhood when you deal with them.

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Arrived back home around 1.30am last night after ferry was delayed in both Ouistreham, coming into Portsmouth and then it took us an hour to get off the ferry and through Border Control!


Anyway less of that, we had a fantastic trip. Met up with some old friends and made some new ones along the way. Great to see so many veterans in attendance for their rightful moment. Just hope that the traditions can still carry on despite the Normandy Veterans Association soon disbanding.


The Gendarme on the whole were pretty helpful, and despite some major concerns before travelling about the passes for the windscreens on 6th June - we didn't once get stopped or be asked to show it! In fact from where we were camping, just inside the control zone, you could have easily got to the beach using the back roads.


Overall certainly a trip to remember, in order to thank those who made it possible 70 years ago.

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In 2009 while we were at the MVT camp at Etreham, someone came up with a photo showing the fuel pipelines from Port en Bessin harbour passing a farm in the village. I took the opportunity of a photo of my QL at the same point and the original photo seen here.


Yes Richard we know about the pipeline close to Etreham and by coincident have a picture on the same spot.



dr convoy.jpg

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