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  1. Thanks for the replies fellas! Some good info.
  2. Regarding running petrol engines in older vehicles. Does any anyone put additives into the tank when filling up with modeern fuel? Or do you just use unleaded 4 star?
  3. Thanks for the additional information regarding the serial number location. I'll take a look! Thanks again.
  4. £150 does seem a bit steep! What would be a more realistic price for a pair of these tracks?
  5. Many thanks for the replies guys. Very helpful and much appreciated!
  6. I was wondering if anyone could help me. Is it possible to ascertain an engine's capacity by using engine numbers rather than having to (I assume) remove the cylinder head? The engine is in a 1939 Commer Q2, it's a straight 6 engine. Is there a registry I could use or something like that? Cast into the side of the engine are these numbers:- 85 X 120 C 20xxx (I've not given full number here) Many thanks!
  7. I've just watched the programme now. Total admiration for the guys who did / continue to do this work. Very brave men indeed!
  8. As others have said, great pictures. Very interesting indeed!
  9. For those interested, here's some pictures......... new battery and plugs and she starts like a good 'un!!!
  10. Superb job you'veb done there! Looks really good
  11. Nice progress, I look forward to watching the rebuild. Keep posting updates!
  12. Great pictures……….. thanks for posting!! Your Tilly looks superb!
  13. Scoot65


    I'm looking forward to seeing the pics
  14. WOW! So the 'valuation' is way of the mark!!!!
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