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  1. Looks wonderful, great work indeed. Mark.....
  2. Great progress on the restoration. Just to let you know I do have a couple of pair of the correct Lloyd double bogeys, surplus to my requirements. PM me if interested. Mark...........
  3. Tried many times since last year, or maybe it was the year before. markp5218@hotmail.com
  4. Well, not being an expert or any where close on that. Ill do a test with the mig welder and see what happens. Other than that I may have to get someone to stick weld if necessary. Thanks for the info chaps...much appreciated
  5. I was just going to Mig weld it, grind, sandblast and then finish and imperfections, but then Im used to doing cars.
  6. Gentlemen, Im now in a position to start patching some armour on a Bren Carrier. I do have some spare 7mm armour to patch it with. Can anyone advise me the best way to weld once grinded and ready to fit ? as ive heard it can crack or split being armoured steel and not mild steel ???????? Guessing once its in place it can be grinded, sandblasted and maybe a little filler to make flush prior to painting. Thanks......
  7. Im selling two of my British made Bren Carriers. Price is 10k sterling for both excluding shipping. I can help with logistics/shipping if required. Bargain for someone me thinks. Carriers are also listed on Milweb. Located at my house in NZ. Any questions then please ask. Shipping back to Europe will be around 5k. I also have spares available, too. Pictured below is one of the carriers for sale.
  8. Very nice Sir Indeed. Looking forward to the restoration, once you find or build a chassis. Great find with the tracks BTW Also, keep an eye out on milweb.com as a guy was selling the top armour from German Halftrack and a chassis. Thought you would have bought it. Mark..........
  9. A Pair of British Carriers for sale. 13k for the pair. Check out www.milweb.co.uk for further details, or pm me.
  10. Im guessing Sentinel Wagon as it also have the same double bogeys ( Loyd carrier ones) as my other Sentinel Wagon carrier. All seem very original.
  11. Yeah, I meant the bren carrier not the scout carrier, still not sure of the difference to be honest. It does sound like another British Mk 1 mortar carrier. made by Sentinel Wagon. I added the Canadian steering unit to it as I know its not entirely correct.
  12. There is a Large red painted ID number on the side of the hull, I think it reads D16. The front armour is also fixed plate like the others I have, and also like the scout carriers shipped here during the war. I thought the UK stopped production of carriers in 41 ? and transferred production to Canada (Ford) ??
  13. TL3885 is the part number. Was hoping to identify the carrier TL number. Im guessing its British part not Canadian ? I do have the hull but not sure where to look for this particular number to ID it :blush:. Was told it may be a scout carrier. Much help appreciated. :-D
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