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  1. Looks wonderful, great work indeed. Mark.....
  2. Great progress on the restoration. Just to let you know I do have a couple of pair of the correct Lloyd double bogeys, surplus to my requirements. PM me if interested. Mark...........
  3. Bloody marvellous I must say. :wow: cant wait to see her finished. Mark.....
  4. I am selling a massive BRITISH Universal carrier collection, carriers, tracks, lots and lots of extremely rare parts. Im currently living in NZ and anyone can come and view. I will ship WORLDWIDE, and can help with shipping. I have a recently reconditioned gearbox and original carrier engine recently machined with all new parts to be rebuilt. Many many many parts, too much to list on here. All items to be listed on here first.
  5. Seems the way to go. My carrier will be listed on Milweb next week. :undecided:
  6. Its surprising what you find out there ! Im still trying to sort the sprockets out :cry: Mark...
  7. Looks fantastic, a job very well done I must say ! :-D
  8. Very nice restoration. I know of 5 shermans waiting for someone to collect them off the ranges, pretty complete too, together with 2 M10 TD's and a T34 ? Youll need a big Crane and low loader:D
  9. Yes !! I have NOS sprockets and in the process of obtaining track Here are the sprockets. Mark...
  10. 1941 Mk1 British Made Mortar Carrier. Serious Offers please...
  11. Im new to this. Just thought I would mention that I have for sale, a British made 1941 mostly complete for restoration, Mortar Carrier. Please inbox me if interested. Cheers Mark.........
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